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About Pentax MX
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Pentax MX Film Camera
Pentax MX
Camera Type
Film SLR
Lens Mount
Pentax K
Autoexposure Modes
Manual Only
Manual Only
Maximum Shutter Speed
ISO Range
Flash Sync Speed
LCD Screen

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Average Ratings of all 4.8
11 average ratings

100% Reliable

89% Good value

100% Good image quality

Top 2 High ratings
  • by
    August 01, 2018

    Awesome Camera & Kit!

    Awesome camera with lots of extras! Works smooth and produces great images. Awesome price for everything included in this purchase!

    Verified purchase: Yes

  • by
    April 05, 2016

    Great Film Camera with Great Lens

    The Pentax MX feels great in the hand and because of its all-mechanical construction they work as good today as when first made. The Pentax-M series of cameras all had the same body shape but different features. They were the smallest full frame SLR's ever made and are a similar size to a Sony A7 mirrorless. The MX is unique in that it is the only one of the M series with a fully mechanical shutter. It is the same silk shutter as used on older Pentax cameras and had legendary reliability. When the ME was introduced in 1976 it was fully automatic. There was such a negative reaction to the lack of manual controls that the ME-Super was introduced with manual plus aperture priority auto, and the fully manual MX. The MX is very highly regarded by Pentax film camera users and commands a premium in the used market compared to the other M series Pentax cameras as a result., , There were four 50mm lenses for this camera, f2, f1.7, f1.4, and f1.2. All were good but the 1.4 stands out as my favorite. It has high speed and sharpness built into a Leica-like small size. All of these lenses have beautiful industrial design and feel good in use. It should be remembered that film lenses are not as sharp as modern digital era designs but the rendering is in many ways superior to the sharper newer lenses. Bokeh is delicious and these lenses create beautiful images. It needs to be pointed out, however, is that the high optical qualities of these lenses is partially due to the use of thorium glass elements, which are slightly radioactive. The levels of radiation are low enough to be indistinguishable from background radiation at about a meter but is easily detected at the surface of the glass. The use of this type of glass was common in the mid 20th century and is found in lenses from a wide variety of manufacturers, including Kodak., , The MX in use is a sweet camera. The split prism focusing screen makes manual focus very easy, and is far easier to get accurate focus than on modern DSLR's. A great feature of this camera is the self timer lever when pushed toward the lens gives depth of field preview. Light metering is basic but works. The MX has a little lens on the front of the pentaprism that sees the aperture reading on the lens and displays the number at the top of the viewfinder. It works very well and requires zero electronics so is always reliable no matter how old the camera gets., , For those who appreciate a well built camera that is film only and manual only, the Pentax MX is an excellent choice.

    Verified purchase: Yes

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