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PC2-6400 Chips and Other Modules to Change Your World

Change comes quickly with random access memory that’s rated at 800 MHz with 6400 cycles of bandwidth. You can add and remove memory from your computer with relative ease through 240-pin DIMM slots. DIMM boards with multiple chips are also rated for DDR2, DDR2 800, and PC2-6400.

Is a new chip good for an old computer?

Computers are designed to hold a variety of different memory chips, and this makes your motherboard a central place of memory regardless of what age it is. You can adapt a new memory stick with more MHz to an old motherboard. This is possible through the fundamental engineering of a computer. Random access memory is given between two and four spaces, or slots, within your hardware. One DIMM slot being used by a PC2-6400 with unbuffered ECC corrections could provide an older, non-ECC computer with sufficient RAM memory.

Is there a one-size-fits-all RAM chip?

There are two DDR2 fittings to consider for random access memory. The actual 240-pin toggles of a memory slot are used to latch memory chips into place, and these are universal connections inside a computer. The amount of MHz in the memory RAM you use, however, doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all model. The number of gigabytes that random access chips use are a clear example of how variety is compatible with different computers and based on the use a computer will undergo. A memory upgrade is often x 2 GB or more.

How can memory be doubled or quadrupled in speed?

Increasing speeds is possible with a number of components that include:

  • ECC: The accuracy of PC2-6400 data processing is founded on how correct any unbuffered information being processed is. The PC2-6400 ECC component is an addition to memory chips, and the feature has an automated system that corrects the data it receives. It is essentially a memory upgrade kit. Smoothing out these irregularities allows your memory processing to increase in speed.
  • DDR2 integration: The rate at which PC2-6400 data is processed is measured per second. There are also frequency cycles of megahertz, or MHz, that can be increased and bring more processing speed into a memory module. The total capacity of constant rate data processes at can be doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. This multiplication in PC2-6400 data processing is possible through DDR2 that takes common frequency cycles per second and quadruples them. The end result is more speed.
What is considered the right memory chip for a computer?

No one memory chip is considered "the" right one for a particular computer. The proper fit is based on the data processing you need in your hardware, and this can be achieved through a variety of chips that include PC2-6400, DIMM connections, and 240-PIN inputs.

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