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Everything You Need to Know to Pick a Google Chromebook

In this era where every laptop brand caters to a specific demographic, Google Chromebooks are a commonly selected option. Running on the Chrome OS developed by Google, these laptops are an effective solution for customers who mostly need to accomplish simple tasks and business goals and can be found in this eBay collection. They're also well known for running the Microsoft suite effectively.

What is the difference between Chromebooks and other standard laptops?

The main difference between Chromebooks and other laptops comes from the OS, or Operating System. Chrome OS was designed by Google to offer lightning-quick responses through the Chrome browser ' previous models of laptop more commonly used macOS or Windows 10. Chromebooks even utilize the Google App Store as a fundamental part of the experience, allowing users to purchase or freely download applications like Microsoft Office. It's important to take note that the Google Chromebook largely requires access to the internet, meaning that it's most comfortably used in a stable location, such as one's home or office.

How long can you expect a Chromebook to remain functional?

Google has said that the Chrome OS will receive guaranteed updates for at least five years after release ' it's important to note here that depending on your choice in Chromebook, you may be purchasing a model released years previously. There are many affordable options available on eBay. It's always important to note your Chromebook's release date and use it to gauge how long the OS will receive updates. Updates are the main method of remedying failures in software, the common term for bug fixes being 'patches.'

How do you pick the Chromebook that's right for you?

There are many things you might be looking for in a Chromebook, but some of the most common are:

  • Functionality - Since all Chromebooks run the same OS, they're all capable of running the same extensions and programs. The only differences in functionality come from hardware, or the actual components inside the Chromebook.
  • Price - Pricing on Chromebooks can vary widely, but it generally depends on the manufacturer and the age of the Chromebook. Chromebooks with more recent release dates tend to price higher because of their updated software and hardware. Generally, pricing can be seen as an indicator of quality.
  • Features - Depending on the Chromebook you purchase, you may receive extra features like Cloud file storage and remote printing capabilities.
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