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Oven Mitts and Potholders

Oven mitts and pot holders are two essential items that everyone needs in their kitchen. They are made with heat-resistant materials to help you make handling hot food safe, especially if your food is coming directly out of the oven or microwave. In addition to being an essential kitchen item, many view them as a decorative item as well.

What are the differences between pot holders and oven mitts?

Ultimately, both of these items are designed to help you safely handle hot dishes. However, there are a few small differences that may make you prefer one over the other, and they are the following:

  • Shape: Oven mitts are shaped like a mitt that fits over the hand, making them useful for pulling hot dishes out of the oven. Pot holders are flat in shape and are designed to be placed on your palm and fingers to wrap around pots. Although they are usually square, they can be circular or any other shape.
  • Size: Oven mitts are large enough to fit over the hand while pot holders just cover the palm and grip of the hand.
  • Materials: Pot holders are often always made of cotton while oven mitts can be made from cotton and other heat-resistant materials.
What are oven mitts and pot holders made of?

Although they are designed for the same purpose, pot holders and oven mitts may be made from slightly different materials, and they include the following:

  • Pot holders: These are usually made from strong, quilted cotton, or cotton blends with other fabrics. Other pot holders are made with strips of quality cotton that are then woven together, giving the pot holder a handmade appearance.
  • Oven mitts: Fabric oven mitts are made with heat insulation surrounded by cotton, which is usually colorful or decorated. Other gloves are made with silicone, Kevlar, or Nomex, which are more resistant to stains. These materials also keep the cotton clean and free from discoloration caused by heat.
What features can oven mitts and pot holders come with?

Although these items may appear as simple kitchen essentials, you still have a number of different options, and the following are your options:

  • Double oven gloves: These are oven mitts that go up to the elbows and are useful for carry large, hot pans. These gloves come as a set and are designed to be worn on both hands.
  • Silicone: Some mitts and holders are made primarily with cotton but are tipped with silicone for more protection. The silicone comes into contact with the hot pan or pot, keeping the fabric materials from becoming scorched or burned.
  • Style: Some mitts and holders have different styles to fit your kitchen decor. Some are a single color to add an accent to the kitchen while others have quilted patterns to match your other decor.