Outdoor Power Equipment

Outdoor Power Equipment

Tools such as chainsaws, leaf blowers, pressure washers, and snow blowers make maintenance of the exterior of your building simple and efficient, keeping your property looking good. When you're ready to replace your tools, you may want to consider these options.

What energy sources does a power washer use? 

Power washers are available for both commercial and home use. You'll want to choose a power source fitting your needs as some are more powerful than others. Potential options include:

  • Electric - A corded power washer requires no gas and is good for cars, decks, and lightly stained driveways.
  • Gas - This equipment is a good choice for commercial properties as well as larger jobs. They tend to be more powerful and efficient than electric models.
  • Battery - The mobility of a battery-operated unit allows you to use the instrument for quick jobs such as boats or RVs.

How do you determine what size chainsaw to use?

Using a chainsaw safely and effectively requires the user to have both a steady, controlled pace and a proper bar length. To find the appropriate length and weight of this part:

  • Consider your project - Consider how thick the tree is as well as how much you need to cut. You'll want a short bar for smaller projects.
  • Available space - Do you have a small amount of room to work in? You'll want a short bar and a non-electric source in order to maximize use of space.
  • Length of time - If your project is short, you may be able to use a battery-powered unit with a short bar. If there are several trees, you'll want a non-battery device and a longer bar for efficiency.

What types of snowblowers are available?

Regions receiving annual snowfall will want a blower with higher power levels than a region with a small amount. Available types include:

  • Electric - Good for snowfalls less than 12 inches, an electric power source for this equipment is appropriate for flat, paved driveways. It will toss light and fluffy snow up to 30 feet.
  • Single stage - If you have over 13 inches of fluffy snow and a paved, flat driveway, this machine will throw the snow up to 35 feet.
  • Double stage - Ideal for wet and heavy snow on a hill or on gravel, these workhorses will eliminate snowbanks by throwing the snow up to 50 feet.
  • Triple stage - These powerful tools will take care of the aftermath from harsh blizzards. The 28-inch base throws up to 21 inches of wet, heavy snow as far as 50 feet.  

What types of leaf blowers are available?

When selecting leaf blowers, there are several options to choose from. You'll want to select one with the power source and handling that works for your needs.

  • Power source: Leaf blowers can have a battery, corded electric, or gas-powered source. 
  • Type: Leaf blowers can be handled and controlled in different ways. Selections include backpack leaf blowers, handheld leaf blowers, and leaf blower vacuums. 

What kinds of string trimmers are available?

When you need to cut your grass and weeds, a string trimmer can come in handy. Here are several options to choose from:

  • Type: String trimmers can be grass trimmers, brush cutters, weed trimmers, or edge trimmers. Brushless trimmers are also available.
  • Power source: You can also choose between corded electric or gas-powered string trimmers.