Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Outdoor lighting equipment provides you with fixtures that you can use to light up your entire yard or the exterior of your home for a wide array of purposes from security reasons to bolstering the aesthetic appeal of your home. This lighting equipment is available in several different types of materials, including aluminum, plastic, glass, and steel. This landscape lighting is also equipped with many bulb types ranging from compact florescent and halogen bulbs to LED and incandescent bulbs.

What is an LED light bulb?

LED stands for light-emitting diode and represents a type of light bulb that is a two-lead semiconductor source. When enough voltage is applied to these two leads, electrons recombine and release energy that allows you to see the light created by the bulb. LED lighting is used in a wide array of applications and is among the most prevalent light sources with outdoor lighting equipment. This type of lighting provides high amounts of brightness and is available across ultraviolet, infrared, and visible wavelengths.

These lights are particularly notable for being placed in a variety of computer monitors and television screens. With outdoor lighting, the bright light that LEDs emit assist in covering a large area. These outdoor lights are also known to be energy-efficient, allowing you to use a small amount of energy to power a large number of lights.

What are the uses of outdoor lights?

Landscape lighting can be placed in an array of different areas throughout your yard, allowing you to use this equipment and its accessories in a variety of unique ways. The way in which you use this outdoor lighting largely depends on the layout of your yard. For instance, if you have an outdoor pool, you may want to add landscape lighting around the area in order to illuminate the pool when swimming in it at night or the early morning. This type of lighting can also be used to illuminate a patio or bench with a lamp or pole lights. By placing this outdoor lighting under shrubs, you will be able to create a soft and peaceful mood throughout the garden. Some of the many types of lighting for outdoor environments include:

  • Landscape and walkway fixtures
  • Outdoor security lights that turn on when motion is detected
  • Outdoor string lights
  • Porch fixtures
  • Fashionable candle lanterns
What are the different types of power sources?

This lighting comes in a variety of power sources, allowing you to choose the source that appeals the most to you. Many of these outdoor lights make use of solar power, which means that they are energized by rays from the sun, while a large number of these devices are hardwired electric ones that are plugged in before working. Many of these types of lighting can be powered by batteries, allowing you to use either standard or rechargeable batteries in order to power them. These power sources offer you a substantial amount of choice when selecting lighting for your outdoor environments.