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Take the Party Outdoors with Outside Speakers

Play music while you're playing outside with your kids or mingling with friends with a set of outdoor speakers. The speakers are designed to deliver crystal-clear sound to create the perfect ambiance for any get together. A large assortment of inexpensive outdoor speakers is available on eBay and knowing what to look for is important.

Can the speakers be left outdoors?

Outside speakers are designed to be left outdoors for extended periods of time. They are made with a waterproof exterior that protects the interior components from being damaged by the elements.

How do you place the speakers?

eBay has many outdoor speakers with different setups, including:

  • Mounted - Some outdoor speakers come with mounting kits so that they can be mounted to deck railings, posts, trees, or even the side of your house. This keeps them secure and allows you to direct the angle you want them to play music.
  • Position - Many outdoor speakers are designed to look like rocks so that they can be placed discreetly with the rest of the landscaping in your yard so that you can have a uniform look throughout the property.
  • Freestanding - There are outdoor speakers that come built onto bases so that you can move them around as you please. This is great for large yards, so you can move the speakers around as people partake in activities in different areas of the yard.
How do you play music through the speakers?

Many outside speakers work with Bluetooth technology. This means that you can connect them to any device that has Bluetooth capability. Some of the speakers have their own control panels that allow you to connect to the radio or hook a device up to the speakers using a USB or an auxiliary cord. You adjust the volume of the music that plays out of the speakers using the device that you have connected to it.

How do you power the speakers?

Some outdoor speakers available on eBay are battery powered and need to have their batteries replaced from time to time. Wired speakers need to be plugged into a power source in order to get the power needed to play music. Solar powered speakers have solar panels attached to them that stores energy throughout the day, so the speakers can play morning, noon, or night without needing to be charged. Rechargeable speakers have batteries that can be charged repeatedly so that you don't have to constantly spend money on replacement batteries.

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