Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 5 Case

The right case for your iPhone 5 allows you to protect the smartphone from spills, drops, and impacts. An ideal case also allows you to put a bit of your own personal touch on the iPhone 5, making it easier to locate your phone among other similar models or within your bag. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of features, types, and colors of new and used Otterbox Defender series iPhone 5 cases.

What are the types of Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 5?

The available types of the Otterbox Defender series iPhone 5 phone cases include the following:

  • Flip: The case flips open like a book.
  • Bumper: This extends out from the top and sides and offers impact-resistant materials.
  • Fitted/skin: This is made of flexible material and wraps around the iPhone.
  • Clip: A plastic or metal clip is attached to the back of the case.
  • 3D: This style offers cushioning around the back and four sides of the iPhone.
What colors of Otterbox Defender series iPhone 5 are available?

The Otterbox Defender series iPhone 5 cases are available in solid colors such as white, black, purple, blue, red, and green. They are also available in multi-color designs. The finishes for the cases include matte, glossy, opaque, and transparent. There are also metallic gold and silver cases available.

What are some features of Otterbox Defender series iPhone 5?

Some features of the Otterbox Defender series iPhone 5 cases include the following:

  • Projector: It has a built-in projector to show what is on the phone's screen.
  • Kickstand: A piece extends from the back of the phone in order to hold it up in a vertical orientation.
  • Screen protector: A transparent material covers the screen and protects it from scratches.
  • With belt loop or strap: The belt loop or wrist strap make it easier to carry your phone so that you can do other things with your hands.
  • Device protection: The case may absorb shock or resist water.
How do you choose an Otterbox Defender series iPhone 5?

When you are shopping on eBay for an Otterbox DefendersSeries iPhone 5 case, consider the following:

  • Material: The options include rubber, silicone, metal, rigid plastic, and cotton.
  • Condition: Choose a new or used iPhone case.
  • Style: Choose a plain, pictorial, or patterned case.
  • Fit options: The case may slide on, wrap on, or clip onto the iPhone 5.
  • Series compatibility: Some of the cases fit on multiple versions of the iPhone 5.
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