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Everything You Need to Know About Otterbox Cases and Covers

Protect your iPhone or Android with the Otterbox case. This waterproof and dirt-proof case is designed to withstand extreme drops and bumps without shattering your device. Choose from an array of affordable designs and colors on eBay that will keep your device looking stylish, while providing the ultimate protection.

What are the features of the Otterbox?

The Otterbox cases and covers include an array of features that will keep your phone safe, while helping with all the essential needs like charging and entertainment.

  • Three-layer protective case: With three layers of protective casing, your phone will stay safe. The three protective layers are made from a mixture of silicone, gel, and rubber. The case can withstand far drops with its shockproof cases, which are also completely waterproof if submerged in water or snow.
  • Belt-clip holster: Attach your holster to your belt and easily snap your phone in and out of the holster when needed. The case will stay secure in the holster, and it clips in with a click for maximum security.
  • Kick stand: Watch movies or videos without holding your phone with the nifty kickstand located on the back of the case.
  • Port cover and raised buttons: Keep dust and dirt out of your charging ports, which snap in and out of the port holes. Also, identify volume, power, and home buttons with helpful raised buttons on the sides of the Otterbox.
What kinds of iPhones does Otterbox make cases for?

Otterbox makes cases for all iPhones, including the iPhone 6, 7, 8 plus, X, and XS. It also makes cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 7, 7 Edge, S8, 8, S9, and Note 9.

What types of case models does Otterbox have?

There are four main models of Otterbox cases that each include different features:

  • Defender - This has a hard inside shell and soft outside shell that cradle each other for the ultimate, shock-absorbent protection. This case does not come with a built-in scratch proof screen protector.
  • Commuter series - This case is thin in size and lightweight. It fits in pockets and purses easily.
  • Pursuit - This includes a lanyard that adds security from bumps and drops.
  • Symmetry - This includes a neat screen bumper. It is a raised edge that surrounds your screen. No matter how you set your phone down, or drop it, the screen will never touch any surface.
What colors do the Otterbox cases come in?

Choose from a variety of colors, such as two-toned, solid, polka dot, striped, ombre, and sparkle-colored cases.

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