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Other Watches

Many wristwatches for men are designed with hardware for different occasions; some products have rotating hands, and a variety of pieces are built with a digital panel. These products have practical color schemes, so you'll find metal pieces that are bold and general options with standard tones. Each watch has mechanisms or buttons that set the time.

What are the brands for men?

If you want one that's designed with shiny materials and electronic hardware, a Casio product is a practical option. Many pieces by this brand have metal hardware and a glass housing that strategically protects the rotating hands that provide time.

Disney watches are designed with colorful images that highlight different characters. One of the Disney accessory options is the Mickey Mouse watch. The Mickey Mouse piece and other Disney character items have functional hands that travel around the center piece. Because different Disney characters have specific color schemes, the colors that are used to design the frame, numbers, hands, and straps on a typical Disney watch will vary based on the character design.

Most Rolex products are manufactured with a glossy wristband and chronograph. The main portion of a typical piece has a glass housing and designer trim.

What are the features of watches?

Most watches are built with analog or digital components. Many digital products can illuminate in low-lit environments. Digital watches also have the ability to function as a chronograph for sports. If a digital watch is made with advanced materials, you may find a tempered glass mounted over the main housing. They may be battery powered, manually wound, solar powered, or kinetically powered by the movement of the wearer. Analog timepieces do not usually have these features.

What are wristwatch materials for men?

Stainless steel, rubber, and plastic are material options that are used to manufacture many watches. Products for casual routines are engineered with a stainless steel or leather strap and a thick steel housing. Pieces with rubber components are often engineered for underwater activities and pool routines. Since rubber doesn't rust when it's used in and around water, most brands make watches for swimmers using rubber coatings. Plastic materials are typically mounted in strategic spots. Many brands use plastic to construct the hands that rotate underneath designer accessories that have a glass housing.

Metal hardware pieces are used to secure the housing on different accessories. Typically, the screws that are placed on the corner of a frame are constructed out of stainless steel. Some may be made of fine metals like gold, platinum, or titanium.

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