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Other RV, Trailer, and Camper Parts

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just getting started, proper RV maintenance is essential for successful trips. Keep your RV or travel trailer running smoothly with RV parts. You can find a wide variety of parts and accessories from lights and electronics to appliances and water filters.

What RV parts and accessories do you need?

Before you head out on the road for the first time with your new or used RV, trailer, camper, or fifth wheel, here's a checklist of some items it's good to have:

  • A water pressure regulator will add insurance against high water pressure coming into the camper from an outside source. Water pressure that is too high causes plumbing problems. A regulator controls the pressure per square inch and keeps it at a safe level for your unit.
  • Water filters fit on the hoses coming into the camper to make sure that you have clean water. Some campground's water may have a sulfurous odor or taste, or contain other contaminates, which can be removed with this accessory.
  • Special white hoses make a good substitute for typical garden hoses so you don't have a plastic taste and odor to your water. This type of hose is lined and not made of rubber. It is suitable for potable water.
  • Sewer hose kits contain all the parts you need to hook up your black water tank to an outside source. Most come with two 10-foot hoses, easy to use couplers, and elbows.
  • A clear RV sewer adaptor connects to the pipe exiting the camper and connects to the sewer flushing hose. With a clear adaptor, you'll be able to tell when water is running clear and your tank is clean.
  • Sewer hose supports to support the outside sewer hose to maintain a downhill position for better flow.
What accessories do you need for motorhome upkeep?

Keeping your motorhome shiny and clean can extend its life. Use a special dry lube to lubricate rubber areas underneath the slide-outs. This will keep the rubber soft and pliable rather than dry and cracked. If you apply it twice a year, you'll protect your unit from water leakage. Use a rubber roof cleaner and protectant for UV-ray protection and to avoid streaking. Don't forget a spray-on wax that you can wipe down. This will not only make the outside shiny, it'll protect your RV from the elements.

What RV parts do you need for leveling the RV?

At any campsite, there's a good chance you'll park on ground that's not perfectly level. That's why it's good to have leveling blocks. You can find leveling blocks that are lightweight and washable for easy care and storage.

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