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Other Packing and Shipping Bags

From clear poly bags to heavy-duty bags made of stronger material, you can use a variety of packing materials when you pack and send out your items. A clear shipping bag is designed to provide protection while allowing you to see the contents. When packing for your next trip or preparing to send out gifts, find the packing material that will keep your item safe.

What materials are packing and shipping bags made of?
  • Plastic: When you need to pack smaller items or clothes that dont require protection, plastic packing without polyethylene or polypropylene is suitable.
  • Polypropylene bags: Clear poly bags are excellent for t-shirts and other light clothes. The surface is ideal for writing addresses and attaching postage.
  • Nylon: When you need a stronger bag that can handle a significant amount of weight and travel, a nylon bag is an excellent choice for the job.
  • P.E.T.: Used for electronics that need protection from static, plastic polyethylene terephthalate packaging and mailers allow you to see the item after packaging.
  • Bubble wrap: When you need to protect fragile items, you can use bubble packaging inside of the shipping bags to keep your shipment safe.
Are there options for self-sealing bags and packaging?

If you dont want to use your tongue or a sponge to close up the package, you can find self-sealing options. These poly bags and mailers feature a lip of at least one inch. The lip contains a strip that can be peeled off to reveal the seal. Simply press the seal to the package, and its ready to go. You can also find clear zipper bags and packaging, which allow you to re-use them as often as necessary.

Can the contents be kept confidential?

If you need the packed contents to be confidential, you can find packaging materials and mailers that include a security liner. This allows the contents to be visually secure before you pack and ship. You can also secure the confidentiality of your package with poly bags and and mailers that reveal when the seal has been altered. If sending a confidential package when you ship through the U.S. Postal Service, make sure you select a packing material that is approved for the mail.

What types of poly packaging are available for heavier supplies?

While plastic bags and poly shipping bags are light in feeling, many of them can hold up to 17 pounds. The key to keeping your plastic bag strong is to check for holes or weak spots. If the bag is strong before your clothes and other goods are packed, the bag is likely to hold up. Alternatively, you can use a bag made from nylon, canvas, or materials designed for travel. These will hold large amounts of clothes and heavy items when you need to make sure your packaging will stand up to long distances, hard handling, and heavy items.

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