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Other Seating Parts for Suzuki DRZ400

Not all motorcycle seats are created equally; therefore, choosing a seat that suits your needs is important. The Suzuki DRZ400 is a dual-sport bike that can run on and off road. To make your bike more comfortable, especially for long-distance touring, consider investing in high-quality seat options.

What should you consider when buying motorcycle seating parts?

To get the most out of your seat, you'll want to consider other seating parts for Suzuki DRZ400 motorcycles and how each component of the seat will affect your overall comfort. The components are as follows:

  • Base plate: The base plate is the rigid part of the seat that gives it structure. As such, you should look for base plates that are made of sturdy materials like metal, fiberglass, and plastic. Find a base plate that is the most comfortable shape for your body.
  • Foam: The foam of the seat is the structure that helps to absorb the direct shock that would otherwise go to your body. It is also the component that determines the overall comfort. To maximize your comfort levels, look for ergonomically shaped foam that is not too thick or thin.
  • Seat cover: Seat covers are the easiest way to adjust the superficial comfort of your seat. Typically, these are made from leather, but you can also find them in gripper material that helps create friction between you and the seat to maintain good traction. You can also find leather seat covers that are ribbed, which also keep you from slipping off the seat as you ride.
  • Backrest: You can also invest in a backrest for extra back support as you ride. This is important if you plan to use your motorcycle on extended periods of time to go long distances.

As a final note, you should keep in mind that the seat height will not be affected significantly by different seating components as this is a fixed aspect of the Suzuki motorcycle.

Which DRZ400 models can be modified by changing the seat?

All Suzuki DR-Z400 models have front seats that can be modified to your comfort preferences. This includes the kick-start DRZ400, the Supermoto DR-Z400SM, and the street legal DR-Z400S.

Is it better to get each Suzuki seat component separately?

While it is possible to get pre-built seats that will fit your Suzuki bike, getting the pieces separately can give you a way to easily modify your bike to your preference. If you want to customize everything, this may be the preferable option for you.

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