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Motorcycle Handlebars, Levers, and Mirrors for Harley-Davidson

Owners can customize their Harley-Davidson motorcycles without changing the essential power units and enhance their bike’s look by altering select parts. Read on to learn about the available motorcycle handlebars, levers, and mirrors for Harley-Davidson.

What enhancements are available for a Harley-Davidson?

There are many accessories available to upgrade or enhance a custom Harley-Davidson to match the character of the owner. You can change the dynamics of your Harley by moving to a different set of handlebars, a different accent look by selecting levers to your taste, and mirrors that work for your body type and your choice of Harley-Davidson.

What are the different types of handlebars available?

There are many different forms of handlebars for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You should check your local regulations to see if there are any limitations to the height your handlebars can reach above the stem. Some jurisdictions limit the size and scopes of motorcycle handlebars. Handlebars come in chrome or black.

  • With the Ape model, the handlebar rises in varying heights above the stem. Some reach as high as 20 inches above the stem. Others rise only five inches above the stem. In either case, the idea is to have the driver reach the heights as they ride.
  • The Beach model slopes back to the rider.
  • The Clip-on model consists of two black sections instead of the standard one-piece chrome.
  • The Cruiser handlebar curves toward the rear of the motorcycle. The Cruiser allows the rider to sit upright or lean forward over the chrome bar.
  • Drag handlebars ride the lowest of all handlebars. When you have Drag handlebars, you are forced to ride in a bent-over position. These bars are built for drag racing, as they demand the rider sit in the most aerodynamic position possible.
How do mirrors add to the look of a bike?

Chrome mirrors come in teardrop shapes, rectangular, square, and round shapes as well as elliptical. Motorcycle mirrors also come in different sizes. Some mirrors are as small as one inch while other mirrors are as large as 8 inches. The principal color is chrome but comes with a black option. A rider can carry up to four mirrors and as few as two mirrors. Mirrors on a Harley-Davidson attach to the handlebar.

How many kinds of lever designs are there?

The purpose of the lever is to allow hand operation of brakes and the clutch mechanisms on a Harley-Davidson. You find the Harley-Davidson levers in silver, chrome, or black. The Harley-Davidson levers are also designed for ergonomic enhancements. Situated at the end of each handle, the accent color of your motorcycle levers provide accents to the overall look. If you change the height of your handlebars, you will need to update the lever mechanisms, particularly the length of the cable.

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