Take a Dive Into the Sea of Maritime and Marine Antiques

With so many different possibilities, it is easy to find a maritime or marine antique that you want to collect. You can find pirate antiques for sale, ship salvage items for sale, and even submarine doors for sale. Your friends and family will be amazed at your collection, which you can easily show off in your home, office, or aboard your ship.

Types of maritime antiques

There are many different types of marine antiques that you can collect, including:

  • Ship salvage: Dating back to the days of pirates, you can find many types of antique ship salvage, including instruments, anchors, and parts of boats.
  • Lamps and lighting: Many different styles of lamps were used on vessels, including passageway lights, navigational lamps, and cargo lamps.
  • Paper goods: Navigational charts, work agreements, and pay stubs may all be available to collectors.
  • Household items: Old trunks, silverware, and dishware are just a few items collected from shipwrecks.
  • Signs and advertisements: From directional signs to newspaper ads, the marine industry created lots of interesting paper, tin and wooden items.
Types of Royal Navy antiques for sale

Formed in 1546, the Royal Navy needed a lot of equipment, which changed over the decades. Royal Navy antiques that you might find for sale on eBay include:

  • Navigational aids: Navy personnel to used compasses, sundials, and sextants to keep them on the right course.
  • Flags: The Royal Navy had its own flag along with the flag of England. Sailors often brought along standards of the ruler to present to people that they met along the way.
  • Weapons: Cannons, cannonballs, bayonets, rifles, and pistols were all commonly used by the Royal Navy.
  • Bells: The Royal Navy used brass, iron, and silver bells for many purposes, including telling time and in ceremonies.
  • Lights: It took many different types of lights, including searchlights, spotlights, cargo lights, and passageway lights to help sailors do their jobs.
What shapes were used for Royal Navy badges?

Before 1919, many different shapes were used for Royal Navy badges. Then, the system became much more organised. Battleships and battlecruisers had circular badges. Cruisers have pentagonal badges and destroyers had shield-shaped badges. Finally, other types of vessels and land establishments supporting the Royal Navy had diamond badges. These badges were found many affixed to different places, including on a plaque attached to each ship and on most weapons.