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Luggage Saddlebags for Harley-Davidson

Some people prefer using a motorcycle to a car for the convenience and ease in maneuvering through traffic and the thrill of riding on the open road. For those who use a motorcycle for touring adventures, it is essential to have a durable saddlebag that fits on the cycle. It is important to know how saddlebags work and which ones will fit certain cycles.

What are some different types of saddlebags?

There are three main types of saddlebags for the three main types of motorcycles:

  • Cruiser - Harley-Davidson is the traditional style of this type. These are very comfortable cycles that feature a feet-forward and high handlebar riding position.
  • Sports type - This style of bike is known for its maneuverability. Sports styles have a high foot position and long-reaching handlebars.
  • Standard - The standard is an all-purpose style of cycle. Standard cycles are identified by the upright seating position, typically a cross between the cruiser and sports style.

Saddlebags are necessary on the touring style of bike, which is similar to the cruising cycle but features a bigger engine capable of going long distances. Luggage bags come in two distinct categories:

  • Soft bags, typically made of leather or synthetic leather
  • Hard bags, usually made of plastic or a similar rigid material
How do you attach saddlebags to a motorcycle?

There are numerous different styles of saddle bags and different ways of attaching them. One of the most commonly used styles of luggage is the throw-over style. There are four easy steps to installing a throw-over saddle bag:

  • Remove the seat using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Unlace the part of the bag that fits under the seat and place it in the desired position.
  • Place the saddlebags on the bike and reinstall the seat.
  • Finish tying the bags and ensure they are firmly in place.
What is the carrying capacity of a luggage bag?

The carrying capacity for a saddle pack will vary depending on the brand. Be sure to thoroughly research the product before purchasing an item so that you know whether the weight will suit your motorcycle.

How do you determine which bag will fit a motorcycle?

Always take measurements before purchasing a new bag. Take measurements from the end of the seat to the rear turn signals to find the length of the luggage bag. Next, measure from the fender rail to the top of the exhaust and add 1-2 inches to find the appropriate saddle bag height. For a throw-over style bag, add 2 inches for extra clearance. When installing throw-over bags, be sure that none of the bag or strap will come in contact with the rear tire while the cycle is in motion.

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