Other Entertainment Memorabilia

When it comes to a favorite fictional book, movie, television show, or musician, there are few things (short of the original subject itself) that matter more to a fan than swag. Collecting memorabilia is a way to show your love for a piece of media, but perhaps even more important: it allows you to own a piece of something you adore. However, when you've exhausted all the available mass-produced offerings from specialty stores, the next step is to consider other entertainment memorabilia, and eBay has an excellent selection to choose from.

Why Shop for Other Entertainment Memorabilia?

Entertainment memorabilia that doesn't easily fall into simple categories like t-shirts or toys can include:

  • Limited Editions: Some items were only available for a short amount of time or only produced for a short time, which makes them harder to find and less likely to be something other fans own.
  • Pieces from Personal Collections: Some fans have extensive collections as investments, and when they decide to let go of a few pieces and list them as a seller on eBay, they are often rarities.
  • Vintage Collectibles: If you're a fan of something that's had time to age, then it's very likely that someone has been producing memorabilia the entire time it's existed. Vintage toys, promotional materials, clothing and more can uniquely showcase your fandom's history.

Are These Memorabilia Valuable?

This really depends upon a number of factors, such as the age of the product, the popularity of the fandom, and the overall demand among fans. However, there are offerings that fall under the "other" category that can be worth more than others:

  • Original Artwork: Iconic artwork that appears in magazines, movie posters, or album covers come from an original draft, and occasionally these come up for sale.
  • Autographed Items: One thing that will increase the value of a collectible piece of memorabilia is an autograph from a related celebrity.
  • Celebrity Selections: Sometimes a favored celebrity will release their own artwork or even props they kept from a famous production.

Finally, Collectibles for Obscure Media

If you're a fan of anything that has a small following, you have a much shallower pool of options when you want to start a collection. More often than not, the memorabilia you never knew existed will fall into the "other" category. A short-lived or forgotten TV series, B-movies, web series, and memes usually turn up the most finds because they might not have their own category listings. Even if you're not actively searching, you may therefore find treasures that you didn't even know you wanted, because you didn't know there was even anything to collect.