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Other Collectible Comics

An enjoyable hobby that’s been popular for decades, collecting comic books isn’t just for kids. In fact, it’s a worthwhile and fun hobby for adults as well. From vintage Golden Age comic books to modern styles, there are a wealth of different comics and memorabilia to choose from to add to your collection. Whether you’re looking for figurines, rare comics, or simply want to find some interesting stories to add to your collection, there are myriad options on the pages of eBay.   

What Do Comic Grades Mean?

This can be a somewhat confusing question to answer, as there are two main rival grading companies that assign grades to comics, and their methods are different. These two companies or services are known as CGC and CBCS.   

CGC is the “newer” comic book authority and grades comics in this manner:   

  • They are an impartial “third party” 
  • The company will assign the comic book a grade (numeric) 
  • The comic is then slabbed (known as a “slabbed comic”)   

Slabbing is the process of putting the comic in un-openable plastic after its grade. Some collectors appreciate the protection of the book, while others are against slabbed comics.   

CBCS is the “older” company, which has been around for many decades. This company:  

  • Also assigns a numerical grade (from 1-10)
  • Also slabs comics 
  • More commonly leaves comics raw (raw comic, no plastic shell or slab)   

Either a grade from CGC or CBCS is authoritative and enough proof to the buyer of the comic’s authenticity and condition. 

What Are Some interesting Comic Book Choices?

Of course, everyone has heard of DC Comics, Superman, Spiderman, and all of these familiar characters. But there are some rare and vintage comics that are not quite so well-known. Some of them are cheap comics that are simply fun to have in a collection, while other old comics are rare and highly collectible. Look for books and memorabilia featuring:   

  • Peanuts (not just in newspapers, there are books as well) 
  • Archie 
  • Garfield
  • Shogun Warriors
  • G.I. Joe 
  • Red Dragon 
  • Solomon Kane   

What Are Some Comic-Related Types of Memorabilia?

Comic books are, of course, the staples of every hobby enthusiast’s collection, but there are other pieces of memorabilia that are quite as worthwhile to own. Consider browsing items such as:   

  • Figurines  
  • Cards (similar to sports cards, many of these can also be graded) 
  • Promotional bundles and packs 
  • Stickers 
  • Calendars 
  • Autographed items 
  • Window clings and decals  
  • Art and art posters (comic-related) 
  • Covers only   

A popular habit of comic book collectors is to seek the cover only. This is a fairly economical way to have a genuine piece of history with authentication, but without owning the entire book. These are often listed under “first day cover,” or similar language. Most often, these are pre-slabbed and graded before purchase to offer authenticity.   

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