Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Whether it's across town or across the country, the difference between a long, boring drive and a quick, exciting drive is the car audio system. Some people prefer to listen to the radio, while others want to hear what's playing on their favorite music app. Thankfully, there are many add-ons that users can attach to their current car radio to do just that. Connect a Bluetooth adapter via the CD changer plug and make hands-free calls by speaking commands. Add a car power converter to the mix, and you are all set. Often you don't need to replace the entire unit to get the features you want, simply add an interface that will get the job done. Adding to your current device is a cost-efficient way to give your music an upgrade without breaking the bank.

Tune In
Everyone has a favorite radio station that is the go-to listening stop for short and long drives. However, radio stations can only put out so much power; you need a good car radio antenna to pull in the music. With modern technology, antennas are no longer those huge, ugly, eyesores they once were. You get a powerful antenna in a minimal sized device which allows you to listen to your favorite DJs longer without losing its signal.

Wire Up
For those looking to add a quick and easy fix to their sound system, consider looking for attachments that give you the freedom to do just that. For example, a universal Bluetooth receiver will connect to your radio's RCA AUX input and allow you uninterrupted music streaming. Of course, if you don't have Bluetooth, there are cables that allow you to attach your smartphone or MP3 player to your stereo via the AUX input and your device's headphone plug.

Get A Facelift
Tired of looking at your old stereo but don't want to replace the entire unit? Consider giving your dash a facelift by replacing the car stereo faceplate. The only trick to this type of fix is making sure that the new will fit over your current unit, but as long as you have the car make and model along with the radio information, this will not be an issue.

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