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Oscar Schmidt Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Since 1871, Oscar Schmidt has produced musical instruments that are suitable for just about everyone from beginners to experts. Their line of acoustic and electric guitars has been tailored to meet the needs of diverse players, regardless of music style or ability.

What styles of acoustic guitar does Oscar Schmidt produce?

Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitars come in many formats. Whether you are a classically trained player looking for a nylon string instrument or a flat picker who enjoys large-body dreadnoughts on their guitar, Oscar Schmidt has guitars in multiple styles to fit the sonic range required by your genre of choice. If you prefer access to those frets to be close to the body, Oscar Schmidt has a variety of cutaway guitar styles to help you to reach them. For those who enjoy playing an acoustic guitar through an amplifier, rest assured that onboard pickups are also available in certain models.

What styles of electric guitars are available?

Fans of electric guitars are likely to appreciate Oscar Schmidt's offerings. Whether you prefer a solid-body or a semi-hollow body guitar, Oscar Schmidt provides models in each build. From classic Strat designs to 335s to Les Paul styles, players can find the body configuration that suits them best. With high-quality electronic components paired with master-crafted necks and bodies, these electric guitars are designed to produce both a unique tone and a rich sustain that many guitarists look for. An attractive lineup of wood finishes of both the natural and high gloss variety complement the quality build and sounds on display.

Does Oscar Schmidt make bass guitars?

For those who prefer four strings and the low-end range of sounds, Oscar Schmidt guitars have plenty to offer as well. The company's components have produced an instrument worthy of aficionados that is also accessible to beginners. Years of research and playing have resulted in bass guitars that will deliver solid performance and playability for players from all backgrounds and styles. You can create both a noteworthy rumble with a solid four-string Oscar Schmidt bass and tap into the clear, warm tones that have made Oscar Schmidt basses a favorite among players the world over. Whether you like an electric bass guitar or an acoustic model or you play classical, rock, or jazz music, there is something in the Oscar Schmidt instrument family that is designed just for that purpose.

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