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The conditions where you fish are different everywhere in the world you visit. Relying on proven Orvis fly rods is a way to diversify your tackle and to prepare for any water you visit. Whether you’re planning to fish saltwater or the freshwaters of your local lake, there is a type of rod designed for your needs on eBay.

Are Orvis fly rods portable?

New or used Orvis fly rods are made into different sections that allow you to break them apart when storing. This keeps your rod portable when you have a large collection but need to condense them for space and safety. Each convertible rod is matched with a pre-made case that works with an inner sleeve to narrow down the space inside. This case is portable and latches onto your luggage or backpack.

Grasping the features of an Orvis fly rod

Some of the performance features of a sleek Orvis fly rod consist of the following:

  • Graphite - Graphite is a central compound used with these rods no matter what type of rod you choose. This compound has little weight, but its flexibility keeps it strong for pressure at the tip and midsection.
  • Accuracy - Accuracy is built-in with a special seal used to finish these rods, and that seal keeps the rod aligned and straight.
  • Distance - The various flexes include full, mid, and tip. You can manage your distance by using the right flex for the conditions and lures being used.
  • Weight - The weight of these rods makes a day full of fishing as if you held nothing in your hands. This is the intent and is made possible through synthetics that are bonded and finished with fibers.
  • Balance - The reel and fly-line are important pieces to the assembly of a fly-rod, and balance enables the rod to accept all fly-reels without having the rod change its trajectory or weight.

The options to choose and the models to consider

The following are some of the variances of Orvis fly rods available:

  • Clearwater beginners - This model is appropriate for those who’ve never fly-fished before.
  • 3-weight to 13-weight rods - Orvis makes rods as light as 3-weight ones and ones as hefty as 13-weight ones. The higher the weight, the more resistance the rod will be able to take from the fish.
  • Nymph rods - These delicate rods help you to feel the bite of fish when they take even your smallest presentations.

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