Express Your Music With Crisp, Thunderous Volume With Orion Car Audio.

Factory car audio equipment can run a gamut from terrible quality to reasonably decent, but for exceptional volume and clarity, an aftermarket, affordable Orion audio system leads the field. Orion audio systems manufacture subwoofers, tweeters, and amplifiers that can turn your car into a sound machine, and they are available on eBay.

How do you expand an existing car audio system?

If you've already got great speakers and a quality amplifier, you might look into adding some Orion subwoofers and/or some tweeters. Subwoofers transmit low-frequency sound waves better than mid-range speakers, resulting in a more powerful bass. On the other hand, a tweeter is better at transmitting high frequency sound, resulting in a more powerful, crisper treble that helps really separate various instruments within a song. Of course, you can always upgrade your speakers and amplifier further as well.

What are some benefits of aftermarket car audio systems?

Factory car audio systems are not optimal for a handful of reasons, so just upgrading your dash radio and speakers can greatly improve your experience. Some other reasons you might want to upgrade to an Orion car audio system or replace some of your components would be the following:

  • Bluetooth compatibility - Running off of a Bluetooth for audio means anyone in the car can send his or her music to the speakers. In addition, Bluetooth-compatible systems are optimized for speaker-phone, hands-free phone calls.
  • CD/DVD - While many factory systems have CD capability, most aftermarket systems are DVD-compatible as well.
  • GPS - Many if not most will have some manner of GPS app designed into the system.
  • USB connectivity - The AUX cable has more or less replaced the visor holder full of CDs.
What is the purpose of an amplifier?

In car audio, the amplifier increases the signal output from your stereo to your speakers. This makes the tones crisper, separates the instruments and notes better, and allows for louder volume without quality loss or muddying of the music. An amplifier would also connect to subwoofers and tweeters in addition to primary speakers, providing the same signal boost for them as well.

What does a speaker's efficiency rating indicate?

The efficiency rating of a speaker is indicative of how the speaker uses power. Most factory-installed car audio systems have low power output, and if you are still using the system that came with your car, you'll want to buy speakers with a higher efficiency rating. Typically, something with a 90 decibel rating (DB) or more. For each one watt of power, the speaker can produce 90 decibels worth of sound within one meter. If you opt for low-efficiency speakers, you'll need a higher-powered receiver or an amplifier as well.

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