Activate Your Console With an Original Xbox Power Cord

Xbox is Microsoft's video game console brand, and the company released the first iteration of the console in 2001. An original Xbox power cord has all the inputs necessary to ensure compatibility with your system and get you playing classic Xbox games. You can browse through eBay's large selection of cords to find the one that you want.

What AV connections does the original Xbox power cord have?

A cord's AV connections denote how it will connect to your console and to your television screen. Many cords utilize multiple types of AV connectors because consoles and TV sets have various inputs that you need to match. Some common audio-visual inputs that should appear on your original Xbox power cord are:

  • HDMI - The HDMI ports on your Xbox console and your TV help the two devices communicate with each other and send digital video information that is displayed on your screen.
  • RCA - An RCA cable often comes with multiple connectors in different colors. You'll match these connectors to ports on some television sets as a way to hook up the right and left audio signals and the video.
Do original Xbox power cords come with other accessories?

Some of the inexpensive cords you will find on eBay may include additional accessories or features. You can browse through the selection, or you can use the categories to choose items that have the features you want. One of the most common accessories you might come across during your search is an original Xbox power cord paired with an adapter. If you are using a wall outlet that runs on a voltage other than the standard one for the Xbox, an adapter can make the power supply more stable. If you plan to travel with your Xbox console, this might be a great accessory to take with you.

Can you buy used cables?

Original Xbox power cords are available on eBay as both new and pre-owned items. Many used cords will look similar to their new counterparts and perform as intended, but they may not feature original Microsoft packaging. In some cases, you may notice slight cosmetic wear on these cords. However, you can find refurbished cables on eBay as well. These original cords are used, but they've been restored to look nearly identical to brand new items. Pre-owned original Xbox power cords can be a great way to stock up on backups for your console.

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