From the Ground to the Sea: Original WW II U.S. Hats and Helmets

Whether you are a WWII historian, collector, or filmmaker, searching for an original WWII U.S. helmet or hat will transport you back to 1941. As you explore eBay for affordable WWII helmets for sale, you'll come across a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of vintage hats and helmets associated with the diverse military branches.

Can WWII American helmets be identified by their military branches?

All military branches used the M1 WWII helmet. Navy M1 helmets worn by Navy personnel sometimes sported a “Battleship” gray because the men painted the helmets with shades of yellow, orange, white, blue, or gray to distinguish between branches and ranks.

  • WWII U.S. Navy M1: This lined helmet comes with a front seam and swivel bale.
  • WWII MI helmet: Its front seam and swivel bale are made from McCord manganese steel.
  • WWII U.S Navy cloth deck helmet: The lining material is made from wool.
  • Vintage WWII U.S. Navy USMC Marine helmet: This combat helmet is made from steel.
What are the features of the affordable WWII U.S. M1 helmet?

Known as the “steel pot,” the affordable WWII M1 helmet is the most-recognized and iconic U.S. military garment seen in many Hollywood movies. It’s identified by its distinguished dimpled appearance and features:

  • Color: The outer shell's color is a dark olive green.
  • Texture: The shell is made from crushed cork that diminished glare during battle.
  • Material: The entire shell is made from stainless steel lined with a fiber matching the shell's color.
  • Chinstrap: The khaki-colored, webbed chinstrap strapped to a brass buckled chinstrap bale.
World War II helmets and hat bargains

WWII American helmets and hats have unique designs and colors. Some affordable WWII helmets and hats display the soldier’s number. Other hats worn by officers, aviators, and gunners have their names or rank divisions imprinted. These numbers or names authenticate the headwear’s year and owner.

  • WWII U.S. Army Air Force officer's crusher cap hat: The Sobel cap originates in Los Angeles and comes with a soft visor.
  • U.S. Army M1 helmet and Westinghouse liner: This affordable WWII helmet has a cotton khaki liner, a leather sweatband, and a nape strap.
  • Original WWII U.S. airborne overseas cap: A parachute glider patch is stitched on the side.
  • WWII U.S. Navy slate gray officer's visor cap: This hat comes with a Bancroft label to authenticate it.