Original Vietnam War Uniforms Offer a Unique Way to Collect American History

The Vietnam War was a major event that changed American society, politics, foreign policy, and the military. As such, Vietnam War uniforms are highly sought-after by collectors. Used and pre-owned Vietnam War uniforms for sale on eBay come in a wide array of categories.

What categories of Vietnam War uniforms are available for sale?

Just as clothing in general has a broad range of categories, Vietnam era uniforms also have many categories. The broadest categories are men's and women's Vietnam uniforms. You will find them separated by officer or enlisted uniforms. You can find jungle boots, jackets, helmets, and insignia. In addition, you can shop for a Vietnam War uniform in these categories:

  • Original Vietnam War personal and field gear
  • Original Vietnam War hats and helmets
  • Original Vietnam War medals, ribbons, and pins
  • Jackets and other outerwear
  • Shoes and footwear such as boots and rain boots
What items of Vietnam uniform accessories are for sale?

A U.S. soldier had many options for functional accessories, especially in the jungle weather of Vietnam. A U.S. Army Vietnam uniform had various fabrications to meet the hot, humid weather of the country. Accessories included items such as basic gear. Other accessories included items like helmets, riot masks, flight helmets, boonies, berets, bush hats, caps, and gas masks. Rain and sleeping gear includes wet weather jackets, ponchos, parkas, field coats, and Navy p-coats. Specific footwear that may be available for sale includes Corcoran jump boots, leather combat boots, USMC M1951 combat boots, coral swim shoes, tropical combat boots, footwear for inundated areas, and ARVN/CIDG boots.

Are women's Vietnam era uniforms collectible, too?

Yes, women’s Vietnam uniforms are also highly collectible as they represent a niche in the market. You will find both dress uniforms and fatigues. You may opt to store them, but some are fun and fashionable to wear. These items might include insignia or camouflage. Another niche within the women’s category is nurse’s uniforms and accessories. They also come in fabrications that are different than the men’s uniforms. You will find fabrications such as poplin and women's uniforms in summer weight fabrics in white with green piping. While you will find a good selection of typical uniform items like boots and helmets for women, you will find other items, including:

  • Accessories such as handbags and scarves
  • Dress shoes like leather pumps
  • Pins, patches, and flag ties