Own a Piece of History With Original Civil War Period Items

If you are a reenactor, then you know that having authentic items is vital. Teachers and parents can also use Civil War collectibles to spark a love of history. Civil War period pieces can also make great conversation pieces, and you can find a variety of vintage Civil War collectibles on eBay.

What are some types of Civil War memorabilia?

There are many different types of historical Civil War memorabilia that you may want to collect, including:

  • Civil War weapons: From ammunition boxes to sabers, there are many types of Civil War weapons and accessories that people collect.
  • Civil War clothing: You can find uniforms of various Civil War troops, but you may also want to focus on items worn by women.
  • Photos: Help preserve images of soldiers and others.
  • Letters: Learn about how people felt about the war with a collection of Civil War letters.
  • Daily living items: Silverware, needles, canteens, and many other types of Civil War items were needed to keep soldiers and their families going.
What are some conventional Civil War weapons?

Soldiers fought the Civil War using a variety of weapons. You can still find many Civil War weapons including:

  • Rifles and muskets: When the war started, smooth-bore muskets belonged to many soldiers, but soon, most soldiers had rifles.
  • Swords: Field officers, commissioned soldiers and the cavalry each had different types of swords.
  • Bayonets: Most soldiers and officers had a bayonet that fastened to the end of their rifle after the Harper's Ferry Model 1855 Rifle became standard.
  • Knifes: Most Confederate soldiers had a Bowie knife while soldiers on both sides often carried camp knives.
  • Axes: Many riflemen carried Tomahawk-style axes as they were useful as weapons and around camp.
Manufacturers of Civil War buttons

Buttons were an essential part of the Civil War because they often told what type of soldier the man was along with if they were a confederate or a union soldier. Some states issued unique buttons. Manufacturers in North America made most of them. J. M. Lamson Scovill and William Henry Scovill made many buttons in Waterbury, Connecticut, and these had various trademarks on their backs. Different manufacturers made buttons for WH Horstmann with assorted designs. While the earliest of these buttons bear his name, the company went on to use various trademarks including Horstmann Sons & Drucker, Horstmann Brothers & Allien, and WH Horstmann & Drucker before the war ended. Another maker of the Civil War button was Hyde & Goodrich, who operated from New Orleans and made many two-part buttons. Buttons are often inexpensive Civil War items for sale.