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Collecting Pieces of History: How to Buy Original Civil War Bullets on eBay

If you're someone who's passionate about American history, you likely understand the gravity of having a war relic in your home. Now, collecting some of these relics is easier than ever, thanks to eBay. Civil War bullets for sale abound; here are some things to look for while you shop.

What types of bullets can you purchase?

When you begin shopping for Civil War bullets, you may not realize how many different types are available for purchase. Here are some of the many variations you may see advertised on eBay:

  • Civil War lead bullets - Most of the bullets used in the war were made of lead, so this is likely a common listing.
  • Civil War mini balls for sale - This refers to a specialized bullet that was developed not long before the start of the war.
  • Bullets in wood - This is a somewhat unusual find that might command a higher price tag. As the name suggests, a Civil War bullet in wood for sale will include a piece of wood with a shot round embedded.
  • Collided bullets - This rare find is usually of interest to collectors. When you see collided bullets for sale, the listing is for two bullets that hit in midair being fired. This permanently fuses them together.
What are some things that add value?

It is hard to definitely answer the question, "How much is a Civil War bullet worth?" There are several things that may add extra value to a purchase. Here are some of the things to look out for if you want a high-value find:

  • Paperwork - Some Civil War bullets for sale come with paperwork indicating where they were found and certifying their authenticity.
  • Location - Depending on collector interest, bullets found from certain locations may sell for more.
  • Display options - When shopping, you will probably notice that some bullets come mounted for display. Some are even nicely framed with information.
  • Dug vs. non-dug - Many bullets are "dug," meaning the original finder had to unearth them. Some are non-dug, meaning they came from collections or were never buried. Non-dug items tend to be in better condition and therefore are more expensive.
Other things to keep in mind

It may sound odd to worry about the condition of Civil War bullets. However, bullets that have been well-preserved will likely add more value to your collection. Be sure to carefully evaluate the condition of any item before buying. It may be wise to ask how the Civil War bullet was stored prior to sale.

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