Original Autographed Rap & Hip Hop Memorabilia

Original Autographed Rap & Hip Hop Memorabilia for Christmas

Let Christmas begin by treating yourself with something you may have always wanted. eBay has a wide variety of autographed hip hop and rap memorabilia that you will love. From autographed photographs and posters to albums and mics, you will find it all online! You can fulfill the Christmas wish of adding a signed copy of your most cherished rap and hip hop album to your collection. Christmas holidays are all about spending time with family and gifting. You will be the most loved Santa when you get your friends a Christmas gift of autographed memorabilia.

Types of autographed rap and hip-hop memorabilia

An artist can autograph any number of items, though there are a select few you will most commonly encounter in your quest. Artists will often sign posters from their current concert, like a J Cole signed poster from his ""Forest Hills Drive"" album tour or an NF signed poster from his ""The Search"" album tour. Artists will also frequently sign their latest or most successful record albums, like an xxxtentacion signature on his album ""Skins"" or the Logic rapper signature on his album ""Confessions of a Dangerous Mind."" Other autographed rap and hip hop memorabilia you can find include artist photos, lithographs, books, microphones and bandanas, among others.

How do you choose original autographed rap and hip-hop memorabilia?

Whether you're collecting all the autographed rap and hip-hop memorabilia you can find of a particular artist or the rarest and most valuable autographed memorabilia you can find regardless of the artist, there are certain factors to consider to be sure you're getting only original items. Firstly, make sure the signature is original, made in ink, and not a photocopy or reproduction. Secondly, examine the condition of the item to make sure it contains no scratches, tears, fading or other signs of wear or damage. Lastly, research how common or rare a particular item is. If an artist is deceased, an original autographed piece of memorabilia may be more valuable than that of an artist still performing and recording. Likewise if the signed memorabilia, whether by a living or deceased artist, was made in limited quantity and no longer issued, it too can be more valuable than an item still in production and widespread circulation.

Some notable autographed rap and hip-hop memorabilia worth collecting

Among the many types of original autographed rap and hip-hop memorabilia for sale, some are more highly sought after by collectors, including:

  • xxxtentacion autograph on a 2017 XXL Freshman Magazine cover
  • Logic autograph on a vinyl ""Under Pressure"" record
  • Travis Scott autograph on an ""Astroworld Fest"" stuffed animal
  • Travis Scott signature on an ""Astroworld"" lithograph
  • NF autograph on the CD booklet for ""The Search""