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Onkyo Home Audio Stereo Receivers

Onkyo Home Theater Receivers

If you are looking to install or revamp your home theater system, the quality of your audio and video receivers are important because all other system components, including the floor speakers, TV or projector, and subwoofer, are connected through the receiver. Onkyo produces receivers that are built for home theaters.

What specifications do you need in a receiver?
  • Channels: Onkyo offers products with varying numbers of channels. The number of channels corresponds to the number of speakers you can utilize, and so it is important to know what kind of sound system you plan to use in your theater and how many speakers it includes. Receivers are offered with seven, nine, and 11 channels, as well as one or two channels for subwoofers. Seven channels are sufficient for many sound systems, allowing for front, middle, rear, and center speakers. Nine- and 11-channel models offer more flexibility.
  • Power: Onkyo notes the power of their products as power per channel. These per-channel ratings are often measured using 6- or 8-ohm impedance, which is the electrical resistance provided by the audio speakers. The higher the resistance, the lower the power rating, so the 8-ohm rating is often a better power indication. Onkyo products offer power ratings from 80 watts up to 140 watts.
  • Connections: Onkyo products incorporate numerous connection options, which make it possible for you to connect a range of devices, including your TV, computer, video-game system, and CD player. Connections allow your receiver to display and play audio and video through your sound system. The most common connection ports are HDMI connections. Some of the Onkyo RZ series receivers incorporate up to eight HDMI inputs and two outputs. All of their receivers also incorporate optical digital connections for devices that are not HDMI compatible.
What is multiroom sound-distribution functionality?

Some Onkyo products can send and receive signals from more than one area in or outside of the house, such as in a bedroom or above a patio. These receivers allow you to simultaneously play audio and stream video in multiple locations throughout the house, which can come in handy when there are lots of people around. Some Onkyo models also incorporate a second independent output signal, which let you receive two different audio and video signals in two different locations.

What functionality does networking provide to a receiver?

Networking is the ability of a receiver to utilize the home network, either through an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. The functionality allowed by this network connectivity can vary depending on the specific Onkyo product, but it can allow you to stream audio and video from a computer, play radio from the internet, update the products firmware, and more.

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