Live Life to the Fullest with an Omega Speedmaster 321

For years, Swiss watchmaker Omega has been producing legendary watches designed to appeal to even the most discerning consumer. The venerable Omega Speedmaster was launched in 1957, becoming one of the very first chronograph watches of its time. This watch has the distinction of being the first watch in space when it was worn by astronaut Buzz Aldrin on his wrist when he stepped foot on the moon in 1969, making a preowned model a valuable vintage accessory.

Where is the Omega Speedmaster 321 made?

Omega Speedmaster 321 watches are made in the company's home country of Switzerland. Every component of these products is made in Switzerland, and each boasts the exclusive "Swiss Made" mark on all of its watches. Omega stands by its claim that this symbol of excellence gives consumers the confidence of knowing each new watch is made to the highest of quality standards, and used models available on eBay maintain this distinction.

How do you use the tachymeter on the Omega Speedmaster?

A tachymeter is used to compute speed based on travel time. To use the tachymeter on this watch, you need to find the data between the central seconds' hand of the chronograph and the tachometer scale. This should be read over a maximum time of 60 seconds to ensure the most accurate reading.

Which Speedmaster model is the original moonwatch?

The original moonwatch is the Speedmaster Professional that uses the reference number 311. This model is unique because of its durable, stainless-steel construction fitted with a black dial and hesalite crystal materials. The hesalite crystal was requested by NASA because it would not break apart in a zero-gravity environment. This watch is also waterproof up to a depth of 100 feet. You can look for a preowned Speedmaster Professional from the moonwalk era on eBay.

What is the chronograph function?

One of this watch's biggest selling points is this distinct measurement function. The hands on these watches display hours, minutes, and seconds all together with a special function that measures elapsed times through a central hand. This precision in measuring time is unmatched by other types of watches.

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