Olympus Cv 180

A Quick Guide to the Olympus CV-180 Complete Endoscopy System

Endoscopy is an insightful procedure used to detect and sometimes treat a number of internal ailments like inflammation, tumors, ulcers, and more. The medical video systems and instruments found on eBay and used for endoscopic surgery provide the best possible image quality with the ability to zoom in on fine capillaries and smaller tissues. With the ability to easily enlarge moving or still images by 1.2x or 1.5x with no loss, the Olympus CV-180 unit assists medical personnel in making accurate assessments and diagnoses.

What features does the video processor offer?
  • Using high-resolution HDTV imaging capability, the unit provides good image quality for endoscopy and laparoscopy.
  • You can use this unit with the EVS 100/130/40 Series and EVIS EXERA 160 Series scopes. Its also compatible with bronchoscopes and surgical endoscopes.
  • The unit uses narrow band imaging (NBI) to optimize the visibility of small capillaries and mucosal tissues in the GI tract.
  • Two structure types are available with the unit. Type A is available to observe larger mucosal tissues using high contrast. Type B is used for the observation of capillaries and smaller tissues.
  • Moving or still images can be magnified electronically by 1.2x to 1.5x with no quality loss with the touch of a button.
How do you connect an endoscope to the unit?

The following steps can be used to connect the endoscope to the video system and light source.

  • Ensure that the video plug and all electrical contacts are dry before connecting them to the video center. Wet equipment pieces may cause image loss.
  • Do not force or use excessive force on the camera cable of the camera head by bending, crushing, or stretching it. Dont pull on any cable bundles as you may dislodge other internal wire connections.
  • Dont connect or disconnect the endoscope connector while the video unit is on and running as doing so may damage the CCD. Ensure the system is off before proceeding.
  • Ensure the video plug is inserted all the way into the socket for best image quality and proper operation.
What is narrow-band imaging?

An imaging technique for endoscopic medical tests, narrow-band imaging uses the light of specific blue and green wavelengths to enhance the details of certain aspects of the mucosas surface.

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