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Oil Filters for Yamaha XJ650 Motorcycles

The Yamaha XJ650 motorcycle will perform exceptionally well on the road, as long as all of its parts are working efficiently. A bike can into trouble when the oil filter remains in place long after its expiration date. When the time comes to replace an oil filter, Yamaha owners need to move quickly and get the work done.

What does an oil filtration part do?

This part assists with removing any contaminants found in the motor oil running through your Yamaha XJ650. If contaminants continue to flow through the oil, then the motorcycle could start to suffer from significant problems. In particular, the engine on your bike may suffer.

What contaminants does a Yamaha XJ650 filter protect against?

A great variety of contaminants can appear in the engine's oil flowing from front to back. Dirt and dust might be two obvious types of contaminants as the bike may inadvertently kick them up on the road. Such particles exist in the air as well. Also, soot may find its way into the oil, as could metal particles from other components. Once a Yamaha owner realizes how many impurities and contaminants exist in oil, the consistent regular use of replacements make sense.

What does flow rate refer to?

Flow rate refers to how much oil moves through the filtration component and, subsequently, the rest of the engine. Its counterpart would be viscosity, which refers to the oil's resistance to flow. When you purchase a new oil filter, look at the flow rate features. A selection supporting a higher flow rate could be beneficial to your Yamaha XJ650.

Can a single filter fit more than one year?

Yes, there are selections that fit more than one year. This does not, however, mean that any particular replacement filter part will work with every model year of the Yamaha XJ650. Check the specs of your bike and the filter in order to determine it the filter is compatible with your bike. Putting the wrong one in your bike could prove very problematic, because an improper choice would not perform its job effectively, if at all.

Do the filter parts work with different types of oil?

If the filtration item works with both conventional oil and a higher-grade synthetic oil, it will be stated on the packaging. Always double check, however. You want to avoid making any mistakes when replacing your motorcycle's motor oil and filtration system in order to keep your engine running smoothly.