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Office Supplies

Office supplies can include a range of different items for writing, organizing, and using a computer functionally. These supplies aim to make office procedures as efficient as possible and add a touch of aesthetic pleasure to the workplace. Different options in almost every category of supplies allow for accommodating personal preferences.

What types of office supplies are available?

Lots of different supplies may fall under the \"office\" category. Some examples include calendars, desk accessories, binding options, labels, paper products, bulk blank media, and writing utensils. Other office supplies might include organizational desk tools to help with filing systems.

What styles of pens are available?

Pen options can range from ballpoint and roller ball to fountain and fine writing designs. Differences among pen designs typically concern ink color, ink flow, and weight of the implement. High-quality pens and pencils are often weighted so that they sit in the hand a particular way and allow for optimal smoothness when writing. Others prefer to purchase an entire box of the same sort of pen, such as a stick pen with detachable cap. The most common ink colors are blue and black; although, many pens come in other shades as well.

What styles of paper are available?

Notepads, record keeping pads, printer paper, cardstock, and special stationery are all available. You can also get plotter paper, which is made up of large sheets bound together in very thin sheets that are suitable for engineering printers and documents. Copier, printer, and fax paper is most often available in white, but there are also a range of pastel, bright, and neon hues for special projects. Notepads come in all different sizes, including mini, steno pads, standard size, and larger.

What designs of desk accessories are available?

Some options for desk accessories include organizers, Rolodexes, sticky notes, copyholders, staplers, stamps and daters, and tape dispensers. Sticky notes come in a wide range of colors and sizes to record notes in the moment. Stamps and daters can help to save time when executing large bulk mailings. A Rolodex is a device utilized to keep track of individuals’ contact information, and it can be flipped through easily in alphabetical order. Copyholders make it easy to look at a document while both hands are absorbed with typing.

What types of planners are available?

Planning aids come in all different formats. Some are covered with leather or plastic cases to accommodate loose documents and include a fastener to keep everything together. Others are laid out in month format or include weeks and individual days. The layout also varies in terms of a horizontal organization versus a vertical orientation. Most factors affiliated with planners are a matter of personal preference.