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Odyssey Golf Putters

What You Need to Know About Odyssey Golf Club Putters

Putters are those flat-faced clubs that are used to roll a golf ball a relatively short distance across the grass and into the hole. The Callaway Golf Company has been manufacturing putters under the Odyssey brand since it acquired the assets of Odyssey Sports Inc. in 1997. You can find a full range of new and pre-owned Odyssey putters on eBay.

What should you look for when you’re buying an Odyssey putter?

The putter you buy should complement your putting stroke. In most cases, the goal is to find a putter that minimizes wrist action while allowing you to hit the ball in a pendulum arc. Heel-shafted putters allow the face to open and close while you’re taking your shot, while center-shafted putters tend to favor flatter pendulum strokes. Putters are manufactured in lengths between 32 and 36 inches; choose the length that’s most comfortable for your height.

How many types of Odyssey putters are there?

Callaway manufactures three styles of affordable Odyssey putters. Face-balanced Odyssey putters are clubs whose center of gravity is located beneath the axis of the club’s shaft; this model tends to favor players with straight putting strokes. Toe-balanced Odyssey putters, on the other hand, have centers of gravity elsewhere on the axis, so these putters tend to be used by players who put more arc into their strokes. Most Odyssey putters, however, tend to be hybrids that incorporate some measure of toe-hang to a greater or lesser degree.

What head and shaft design elements do Odyssey putters have?

Odyssey putter heads are traditionally manufactured from stainless steel, although some of the company’s putters utilize aluminum and tungsten into the head as well. Odyssey also manufactures putters that use lightweight urethane inserts in their heads.

Odyssey putters have steel shafts. The company uses several different designs for the hosel, which is the place where the shaft meets the putter head:

  • Heel-shafted putters: On these putters, the shaft is engineered to connect to the part of the head that is closest to you.
  • Center-shafted putters: The shaft connects to the center of the head on these putters.
  • Hosel offsets: With these clubs, the leading edge of the head is set back from the shaft. This design may help prevent the right-curving shot that’s known as a slice.
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