Add a Touch of History to Your Home or Office With "Made in Occupied Japan" Collectibles

The phrase “Occupied Japan” is found on many collectibles made in Japan after World War II during the years between 1947 to 1952. You can add one or more of these highly sought after items to add a historical touch to your home or office decor. You will find a wide array of these affordable Made in Occupied Japan items for sale on eBay.

Are there categories of collectibles that come from Occupied Japan?

Many of the items with the Occupied Japan mark were novelties made for dime stores. Some were copies of European ceramics and china. Occupied Japan figurines include copies of Victorian ceramic figures, Meissen, Royal Doulton, and Hummel. These can be quite common to collect. In addition to glassware items, when shopping for Occupied Japan products, you will find the following categories.

  • Pottery and porcelain
  • Toys and dolls
  • Dinnerware
  • Lacquerware
  • Banks
Are there characteristics that an Occupied Japan collectible should have?

So many of the Made in Occupied Japan collectibles were made for the dime store markets. It was long assumed that the quality was not very good. However, collectors discovered that many of these items were well made. This has helped make the market place for new and used Occupied Japan figurines and other items a busy exchange. Still, you may encounter inauthentic Occupied Japan items. Look for these characteristics to help spot authentic items:

  • Metal items should be embossed
  • Plastic items are typically not authentic since plastic production wasn't perfected until after 1952
  • Occupied Japan lettering is not always picture perfect
  • An authentic Occupied Japan mark should not be easy to rub off.
  • Figurines were typically 8 inches tall and under
The types of valuable Occupied Japan figurines available for sale

Manufacturers in Japan were prolific in their ceramic figurine production. Many came in original boxes that managed to display the uniquely American sense of humor of the era. At the time, they sold for under one dollar. You may find collectible Gentleman Frog windup toys or G-Men cars for sale. Some other fun items are a ceramic ram planter and playful otter figurine. In addition, you might find some of these fun items:

  • Soldier with rifle figuring
  • Victorian man with swan vase
  • Western cowboy toothpick holder
  • Green witch ceramic pixie elf figurine creamer
  • Vintage colonial woman holding a vase of flowers