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Get Stylish Eye Protection With Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

When you step outside, you need to protect your eyes from the bright rays of the sun. If you want to guard your eyesight fashionably, consider the classic stylings of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses, which are patterned after the eyewear worn by movie stars in the mid-20th century. eBay offers a variety of these distinctive sunglasses in new and preowned conditions. How to choose a frame style for Oakley Holbrooks

Oakley makes Holbrook glasses with a variety of different frames. Understanding the choices available to you can help you select your next pair of used Oakley Holbrook sunglasses.  

  • Plastic — Many Oakley Holbrook cheap glasses are made of Oakley's proprietary plastic material, which is known as O-Matter. This plastic is infused with nylon, which makes it flexible and durable. Holbrook plastic frames come in a variety of colors, including green, tortoiseshell, black, and red.
  • Clear — Some O-Matter Holbrook sunglasses are made of see-through plastic. Frames in The Mist Collection are clear at the top and get darker at the bottom. Crystal Pop Holbrooks have clear fronts and colored earpieces.
  • Metal — Oakley makes a special line of Holbrook glasses with stainless steel frames. Oakley Holbrook metal frames are designed to be sturdy but also light. The metal frames may have a gunmetal, black, or chrome finish.
  • Wood — Oakley Holbrook Woodgrain and Woodstain glasses are made of plastic, but they have a finish that makes it look like they're made of wood.

How do High Definition Optics enhance viewing?

When shopping for new Oakley Holbrook glasses, you may notice the term "High Definition Optics," which is often shortened to "HDO." All Oakley Holbrook lenses feature this technology. These lenses are designed to block UV rays from reaching your eyes. They also brighten the colors that you see. For viewing clarity, HDO lenses don't magnify or distort images, and refraction is reduced.

How to select a lens style for Holbrook glasses

Standard Oakley Holbrook lenses feature HDO technology. The manufacturer also offers several upgrades to the basic lens style. If you plan to wear your glasses frequently or want increased eye protection, consider shopping for affordable Oakley Holbrooks with one of the following lens types.  

  • HDPolarized — To keep reflected light from hurting your eyes, try Oakley Holbrook polarized lenses. This lens variety is available in black iridium, fire, and sapphire colors.
  • Prizm — These lenses are crafted with color enhancement in mind. They increase the contrast between colors so that everything seems brighter or sharper.
  • Prizm Polarized — If you can't decide between polarized or Prizm lenses for your stylish Oakley Holbrook glasses, consider Prizm Polarized lenses instead. They both increase color contrast and reduce glare.

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