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Choosing the Right OtterBox Case for Your Galaxy Note II

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone plays an important role in your life. It's an investment, and whether at work or play, it can take a lot of abuse from being banged, dropped, and scratched, and nobody likes that moment of sheer panic when your phone slips from your hands to the floor. Cases from OtterBox are designed to protect that investment and do so via a range of models so that you can select the most appropriate cover for your lifestyle.

What's an OtterBox case or cover?

OtterBox makes cases and covers--terms that are often used interchangeably--as well as screen protectors and other accessories for phones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. These cases are made with silicone, polycarbonate, and similar materials for their resilient properties, and the designs are often layered in order to maximize that mitigation. Each case available for your Samsung Galaxy Note II is made specifically for that phone, which means that it fits precisely and accounts for ports and other physical characteristics. These cases are available over three series, which include the following:

  • Symmetry
  • Commuter
  • Defender
Which features and protections does the Symmetry Series offer?

The focus with the Symmetry is to be stylish and slim. Rather than just black and gray, you'll find a wide range of designer colors for your phone. It's also very light and thin, so your Samsung Galaxy phone still fits in your pocket, and the overall feel of the smartphone is relatively unchanged. A raised bevel helps to keep your touchscreen safe and easily accommodates a screen protector if you choose to use one.

Which features and protections does the Commuter Series offer?

The OtterBox Commuter for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone seeks a balance between the minimalistic and heavy-duty approaches of the other two options. It's named the Commuter because it holds up if it gets caught in the rain, gets dropped in the office, or is banged around on the subway. It offers two-layer shielding, has covers for all ports, and includes a self-adhesive screen film. The design slides in and out of your pocket with ease but is durable enough to just toss in your carry-on bag.

Which features and protections does the Defender Series offer?

The Defender is the most revered of all the Galaxy Note II cases. It's designed to withstand challenging work environments such as major construction sites, and hold up during outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and off-roading. This case provides three-layer protection and can withstand drops over 6 feet. All ports are shielded with covers, which prevents accumulation of dirt and other particles when not in use. It also has a built-in screen protector as well as a belt clip holster, which ensures the phone remains secure even when not in use. The clip also dual serves as a landscape-oriented stand so that you can easily watch video during your downtime.

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