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Nurse Watches

A nurse's watch can add color and style to a medical uniform. Nurse's watches can have analog faces, digital displays, or both as well as bands made of plastic, silicone, silver, and stainless steel.

What styles of nursing watches are there?

Available styles for nursing watches include wristwatches, pocket watches, finger ring watches, clip-on watches, and pendant watches. Pendant watches may be both those that pin to clothing or those that hang on a chain. Clip-watches are convenient for medical use as they appear to hang upside down, but when it's clipped on your top, it will be right side up for you when you look down at it.

What kind of movements do nursing watches use?

There are three kinds of internal movements that watches use.

  • Manual movement: This type of nurse watch must be wound by hand on a regular basis.
  • Self-winding: This type of watch for a nurse has a mechanical movement that translates the daily activities of the nurse into internal micro-movements necessary that keep the watch wound.
  • Quartz movement: The third type uses the vibrations of a specifically shaped quartz crystal to keep time. The crystal is excited by the electrical bursts from a battery-powered oscillator so that it vibrates at an exact rate. A built-in computer calculates time by counting the vibrations.
How do nursing watches with luminous dials maintain the glow?

A nurse watch with a luminous dial is now painted with phosphorescent paint, which loses its glow within a few hours. To compensate for this, sealed microscopic tubes of a radioactive isotope called tritium is added to the phosphorescent paint. As the tritium decays, it emits electrons which continue to excite the phosphorescent material, allowing the nurse watch to maintain a bright phosphorescent glow.

What are the different kinds of nurse watch crystals available?

There are three basic kinds of nurse watch crystals, and each has benefits. Their features are described here:

  • Plexiglas is a brand name often called plastic or acrylic. Plexiglas is the easiest to scratch but also the easiest to buff the scratches out of.
  • Mineral glass or mineral crystal is everyday glass that has been specially treated, both thermally and chemically, to resist scratches and breakage.
  • Sapphire crystals are generally considered the most scratch resistant as they are one step below the hardness of a diamond and several times harder than steel. The sapphire crystal watch face is known to resist cracking and breaking.
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