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NuTone Intercoms

Having a home intercom system can enable you to have communication throughout the house. By utilizing the different intercom stations, you can communicate with family members and friends throughout your home with ease or play music throughout your home. NuTone intercom systems are available with different features and settings.

What are the features of a NuTone intercom system?

Some features of a NuTone intercom system may include:

  • The ability to monitor any room in the house from any other intercom station.
  • 30 hours of backup battery power.
  • A 15-watt amplifier.
  • 12 preset stations with the built-in AM/FM radio.
  • The ability to connect up to 15 remote intercom stations.

There is also a central master station that can control all aspects of music and communication for each of the remote speakers. Individual NuTone intercom stations can control music volume, audio source selections, and room-to-room or room-to-door, two-way intercom communications. The door stations chime and have an intercom speaker for identifying guests.

Water-resistant, surface-mounted speakers are available for outdoor music and intercom use. Many NuTone intercom systems come in white; however, other colors, such as black and almond, are also available. In addition, there are several metallic-trim finishes for door stations that are designed to complement your decor.

Can you get audio-only intercoms?

NuTone intercom systems typically have video feeds between the master station and the door stations. You can find basic models and pre-owned intercom systems that operate using audio only. These systems usually mount beside the door and are weather-resistant.

Can you replace an older intercom system?

While you can replace an entire NuTone intercom system with a master station and numerous remote stations, as well as wall and speaker controls, door controls, and the master system's housing, you likely won't need to replace the wiring in your walls, regardless of how many wires the system uses. This is true for compatible systems as long as you choose a new intercom that is designed to match your previous setup.

How do you replace an older intercom system?

If you’re replacing an old NuTone system, carefully remove the NuTone room station from your wall, and count the number of wires attached to the back. Be sure to determine how many wires your intercom has since you will need to know that number in order to choose a compatible replacement. For example, if you find three cables, select a replacement NuTone intercom system that also has three wires so that it will be compatible with the wiring that is already installed in your home. If compatibility is less important to you than other factors, you can get other models that have a different number of wires, but the wiring will likely have to be redone to accommodate the new system requirements.

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