Microcurrent therapy devices provide a variety of skin treatments. NuFACE offers several devices based on skin therapy technology.

What is microcurrent therapy and treatment?

Microcurrent therapy uses very low levels of electrical current. It was first used as one of the treatments administered to patients afflicted with Bell's Palsy who suffered from muscle paralysis. The therapy works by:

  • Delivering a set number of micro-amperes of electrical current to the body's muscles so as to mimic its natural bio-electrical currents.
  • Stimulating blood circulation and increased production of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, energy-transporting molecules which play an essential role in muscle contraction.

Can this therapy be used for cosmetic purposes?

At spas and the offices of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, aestheticians have been offering microcurrent facials for wrinkles for many years. Clients seek these treatments for the purposes of toning facial muscles, lifting skin, boosting firmness, and improving skin tone as well as enhancing penetration of skin products such as serums.

Can this therapy be done at home?

Through the use of a device such as the ones produced by NuFace, it is possible to do these treatments at home. NuFACE's offerings include:

  • Trinity, which includes an attachment called the Facial Trainer with two large metal spheres; an optional attachment is available called the ELE with smaller spheres designed for use around the eyes and lips.
  • Mini, effectively the same device but in a smaller size that makes it practical for travel.
  • Trinity PRO, a more powerful version of the Trinity machine, typically only available via spas and medical offices.

How do you use the NuFACE devices?

The procedure is more or less as follows:

  • Prep the skin: Start with a clean face that is free of makeup. Gel primer must be applied to the skin's surface. Make sure it is a generous layer that results in wet-looking skin.
  • Use the device: Glide the spherical orbs over the natural contours of the face. Concentrate on the jaws, cheeks, forehead, and brows. Recommended treatment times range from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 minutes once per 24-hour period. If you will be using the ELE attachment, follow with a five-minute treatment around the eyes and mouth.
  • Finish: Make sure you remove the gel with a damp cloth. You can then apply any desired moisturizers or serums.

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