A Complete Guide to Buying Norway Stamps on eBay

Do you live in Norway, have Norwegian heritage, are traveling to Norway, or simply love Norway, or are you a collector of stamps, European ephemera, or valuable collectibles? Either way, Norway stamps can be useful for a range of reasons, including practical, souvenir, and nostalgic purposes. Whatever your reasons for being interested in them, learn how to buy Norway stamps on eBay to fulfill those goals.

How Norway stamps are distinguished and classified

When searching for Norway stamps on eBay, you'll find them classified a number of different ways. Be sure, before you buy any Norway stamps, that you are clear about what you are getting. Are you getting a single stamp, a sheet, a set, or a random lot? Are you getting new Norway stamps you could still use on mail, or are you getting old, rare Norway stamps already cancelled and no longer usable? The most important characteristics to look for about any Norway stamps you consider buying are the following:

  • Type - Including air mail, parcel post, postage or postage due, proof, full sheet, souvenir sheet, special delivery, postal card, cover, error, block, and booklet
  • Topic - Including cartoons, radio, nature, motorcycles, celebrities, technology, water sports, flowers, and historical events
  • Cancellation type - Including bullseye, numeral, pen, machine, hand stamped, cancelled-to-order (CTO), first day of issue, slogan, and ship cancel
  • Value - Norway stamps are also classified and collected by their face values, indicated in Norwegian ore.
How do I value and select Norway stamps?

You can find Norway stamps for sale on eBay in virtually any condition. Before you buy any Norway postage stamps, be sure you know the quality of stamps you are buying. Both circulating and rare Norway stamps can be found hinged or not hinged, including mint never hinged (MNH), and if hinged, then lightly, heavily or mint hinged. They can also be found with their original gum or no gum, including mint no gum (MNG). Finally, you can buy Norway stamps new and never circulated or used and cancelled.

What are some particularly notable Norway stamps on eBay?

Some Norway stamps may be of particular interest to you in your search, including the following:

  • 1868 Scott #6 Yellow Stamp
  • 1943 Norway Feldpost WWII Quisling Germany Stamp
  • 1897 20 Ore Ultramarine Stamp
  • 1884 25 Ore Dull Mauve Stamp
  • 1946 King Haakon VII Stamp
  • 1856 King Oscar I Stamp