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Cut Through the Job Quickly Using Northwoods Contemporary Factory Knives

Northwoods Knives has manufactured contemporary folders in various styles for several decades. You can check out eBay to find a fine selection of low-priced Northwoods knives for sale in designs that might appeal to your tastes in cutlery. Examining some of the features and design elements you can choose for these folders will help you discover the right Northwoods knife for your daily cutting tool needs.

Choosing a blade type for your Northwoods knife

Northwoods Knives makes cutlery that uses different blade styles or shapes to meet different needs. Here are just a few of the kinds of blades you can choose from:

  • Clip - The clip point is a straight blade that tapers to a sharp point at the tip. It is a utilitarian style that you can use for a diverse range of cutting tasks. The Little Bay knife has this type of blade.
  • Drop - The drop point is similar to the clip, but the front end of the point dips below the back spine of the blade. A Northwoods Madison Barlow for sale on eBay can have this type of blade.
  • Wharncliffe - If you need a blade with a slight curve to it and a wide belly, you can go for this style of Northwoods cutlery.
Do Northwoods knives come with any accessories?

Some of the Northwoods knives on eBay come with accessories to make using or carrying them more convenient for you. In most cases, a common accessory you can find with some Northwoods models is a traditional leather pouch. Although you can carry a folding Northwoods knife in your pocket with ease, you may wish to transport it in its own pouch to keep the handle or exposed portion of the blade from bumping against other small items you might carry there as well. Most pouches have an open top to allow you to access the tool easily.

Should you consider preowned Northwoods knives for sale?

You can find new or secondhand Northwoods knives on eBay. If you want to expand your range of available options for getting just the right Northwoods knife, it's a good idea to look at both of these sections to see what styles or patterns are available. Purchasing some preowned Northwoods cutlery may be a good way to get the handle design or blade type that you want at a price that works for your wallet. Many secondhand Northwoods knives show few signs of wear, and all of them are ready to function adequately as cutting tools for your needs.

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