About Norman Rockwell Plates

A set of Norman Rockwell plates displayed on the walls of your retro kitchen add just the right touch of nostalgia. A little girl waits patiently as her grandfather fixes her favorite doll. Two blushing teenagers share ice cream floats on prom night. A young boy makes a kite out of newspaper. Thanks to the huge selection of Norman Rockwell plates on eBay, you can find decorative plates that depict your favorite scenes from Rockwell's prolific career. When you are putting up the tree in December, you can display a set of Norman Rockwell Christmas plates featuring smiling children and jolly, rosy-cheeked Santa Clauses. In the spring, display Norman Rockwell Mother's Day plates depicting children helping Mom with chores and baking. Many of these colorful plates are made of beautiful porcelain and trimmed in gold, and they are sold separately or in sets. With the convenient shipping options available from reliable sellers on eBay around the country, you do not have to traverse America in search of reproductions of this renowned U.S. painter's work.

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