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Norelco Shaver Replacement Heads

Norelco Shaver Replacement Heads

Philips Norcelo has a variety of different styles available along with instructions and helpful tips to help you choose the right shaver heads for your needs.

How do you sharpen Norelco razors?

An appreciated attribute of Philips Norelco shavers is their low maintenance. The blades do not have to be replaced frequently, and they can be resharpened at home using sharpening kits. After brushing the shaving head and removing all debris, the shaving screen is dislodged and substituted with a sharpening head. The unit is turned on for 10 seconds to complete the sharpening cycle. The same steps are repeated for each set of blades.

How do you clean shaver heads?

Philips Norelco shavers should never be handled with the unit on. Caution should be observed when handling sharp components of the shaver. If brushing the parts in the sink, close the drain to alleviate the possibility of losing any essential parts of the machine. If you are having difficulties handling the cleaning process, SmartClean systems can be used to help with the maintenance of the unit.

  • Open the unit and remove the shaving heads.
  • Remove the cutters from the head.
  • Remove debris with the small brush provided with the razor.
  • Wash the blades, prongs, holding pins, and the housing piece using tepid, soapy water and a brush.
  • Rinse with running hot water.
  • Replace all parts back to their original position.
  • Every six months, clean Norelco shaving heads with alcohol and treat with mineral oil to prevent rust and wear.
How often should you replace the Philips Norelco shaving head?

With average daily use and adequate maintenance of the unit, the Philips Norelco series shaving head is replaced every 12 to 18 months. The unit itself is expected to perform 5 years or longer before considering another purchase.

How and when do you replace batteries in Norelco razors?

Because this type of instrument is typically used often, it may need periodic battery replacement that will conserve the shaver. To determine if the battery needs replacement, the charger should be plugged in. If the indicator light is displayed, the battery is charging. If you run out of power before you are able to finish shaving, the battery may need replacement. Let the battery completely drain its power on its own. Replace it in the charger and keep it plugged in for 24 hours. If the problem still persists, the battery may be too old to charge and has to be replaced.

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