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Nocona Boots Men's Boots

Nocona Boots

Since 1925, Nocona Boots has been making western boots. Originally founded in Nocona, Texas, the company manufactures many of their products in El Paso, Texas.

What materials does Nocona use to make their boots?

The company uses a variety of materials to make boot shafts, including:

  • Cowhide: Nocona makes the majority of their cowboy boots from cowhide, with the company making an average of 11 pairs of boots from each hide.
  • Ostrich: The company makes half-quill boots from the ostrichs stomach and full-quill cowboy boots from the ostrichs crown.
  • Crocodile: Louisiana crocodiles give some of Noconas boots an edgy look.
  • Lizard: The company makes some of its reptilian-looking cowboy boots from lizard skin.
  • Kangaroo: Nocona makes some cowboy boots from kangaroo skin, which gives the boots a rugged look.
  • Snake: Nocona also makes cowboy boots from snake skin imported from Argentina.
What toe designs does Nocona offer on their boots?

Nocona offers six different styles, so it is important to choose the one that best meets your needs. If you will be doing a lot of walking, consider a wider square of toe, as they have the most room. Alternatively, if your foot is narrower and you will be doing a moderate amount of walking, consider the medium-round toe. Any square boot is an option if you are going to be riding, because you are less likely to get caught in the stirrup. The company often makes the same boot with several different styles.

What heel styles are available on Nocona boots?

Cowboy boots come with a variety of different styles of heels. Many people find it easier to walk in short heels that have very little slant. Riding heels are usually wider at the top than they are at the bottom, helping a rider maintain proper position in the saddle better.

What colors are Nocona boots available in?

Cowboy boots for men are available in many different colors, including:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Distressed brown
  • Distressed black
How do you choose the right boot?

Denoting a few simple specifications can help you pick the right boot:

  • Size: Most people wear the same size in boots that they wear in regular shoes.
  • Material: Consider the type of material that would best suit your intended purpose.
  • Toe design: Pointed, rounded, or square all are available in most boot styles.
  • Color: Most boots are available in more than one color.
  • Heel: Undercut heels are easier to walk in, but higher heels might better portray a certain fashion look.
  • Design: Nocona makes many designs in cowboy boots, so choose the one that you find most attractive.
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