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Nitto Car and Truck Tires

Nitto car and truck tires are built with treads that are designed to increase performance on the road. Multiple tire designs are available for pavement, dirt roads, and off-road trails. Nitto car and truck products fit a variety of contemporary and vintage vehicles.

What options can increase traction?

Grappler tires are designed with special threads that grip pavement. These tires are available in a variety of sizes, so you can easily pick proper wheels for a traditional or heavy-duty truck. Terra tires by Nitto with grappler features are also built with G2 components and a professional-grade sidewall. These elements help to prevent problems that can weaken the treads on the tires.

What bundle options are available?

Many Nitto tires are offered as a two-tire or four-tire bundle. Both bundle options will include tires that have the same specs.

What product option can be used during racing situations?

Drag tires by Nitto have design elements that can increase speed during a race. Each drag race tire is engineered with limited treads so that heavy traction won't decrease horsepower during long drives on general roads. Drag racing tires are thick because they're made of commercial-grade rubber material that can grip the road at high speeds and sharp turns.

What tires are suitable for street conditions?

During driving routines in urban locations and commercial areas, Nitto street tires can be very beneficial. Radial tires have strategically spaced treads that provide proper grip on highways and streets during a variety of weather conditions, including inclement weather. These tires are practical options for street conditions because:

  • The treads can increase handling on icy roads.
  • The treads can enhance fuel efficiency by boosting traction.
  • The treads can prevent skidding on soaked pavements.
What products are designed for wilderness areas?

Tires with ridged treads can handle the conditions that are found in wilderness environments. These Nitto tires are rugged treads, so handling doesn't drop when environment hazards coat the material. Each tire can handle heavy dust, intense dirt, and thick mud because the treads have channels.

What tire configuration options are available?

Many tires are available for multiple rims sizes. Tires that are engineered for racing situations have measurements that suit large rims, and tires for off-road environments have specs for compact rims.

What vehicle options are designed for Nitto tires?

Heavy-duty trucks with a solid suspension system have practical design specs that suit the off-road products by Nitto. All of the traditional Nitto tires can enhance various cars with general or sporty components if they are installed and used correctly.

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