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Wii Consoles

The Nintendo Wii console offers a video game experience. With a wide variety of games released, the Nintendo Wii system offers a variety of options.

Search thousands of sellers on eBay for a brand new Wii console, or one that might be pre-used. Further, you can buy personalized Wii accessories and other devices that complement the gaming console.

What Type of Wii Console Should I Buy?

The Wii console has been available for years, and there are multiple iterations of it, each with improvements or different user abilities. Choose a Wii console that matches the needs of the gift recipient.  

Nintendo Wii U

It is the company's first console that allows HD graphics. The controller changed from the original Nintendo Wii. There is a screen on the controller, giving the user several ways to play. You can view your video game on the screen, on the TV, or both. It features backward compatibility, meaning you can still use your games for the original Nintendo Wii on this console.

Family Edition - This model lays horizontally rather than vertically, thus it does not come with a stand. For this reason, it is not compatible with GameCube accessories.

Wii Mini - This model has a top-loading capability for the gaming discs. It only has 1 USB port and is not online compatible like its predecessors. The console is matte black with red detailing.

What Wii Accessories Do I Need?

Not all units are equal, so be sure to check the details of your new or used console.

SD card - While many of the consoles come with ample internal storage, some gamers want expandable storage to save their epic games. Further,  Virtual Console games are sent over Wi-Fi via the Wii Shop Channel. Then they are saved to the Wii internal flash memory or to a removable SD card.

Controller - Often the Wii unit will come with a controller, however select video games are multi-player. It is always a good idea to have at least one or two extra fully-charged controllers.

What Nintendo Wii Games are Available?

The Nintendo Wii console offers a video game experience. With a wide variety of games released, the system offers a variety of options. Choose one that is age appropriate and relevant to how the games will be played. For example, small children are better suited to non-violent games or games that do not have 3D capabilities. Older players might prefer something that requires a bit more strategy and skill.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - includes many features like HD graphics and sailing the Great Sea with Swift Sail for sailing speed for Link to find Zelda

Splatoon" for Wii - This is an online competitive shooter game. You become involved in an online paint war.

Mario Kart 8 - This is an online version of the longtime racing game. Players can create a new vehicle, an ATV for racing action. In this version of "Mario Kart," players can enter an anti-gravity mode in which the rules of the road change.

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