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Enter The New World of Super Mario

The Super Mario franchise is at it again with another game classic for Wii. Being one of Nintendo's original mainstays introduced in the 1980's, this video game star has  now sailed new heights with Super Mario Galaxy. Designed for Wii, the action packed gameplay takes advantage of the interactive style a typical wii game provides. Buckle up and get immersed in Mario's world as he looks to rescue the Princess Peach from captivity.

The Mission

This interactive version of a Nintendo classic has all of the elements of the original and sequel games that followed. Defeat the mighty Bowser and your dreams will come true after the rescue of Princess Peach complete.

  • Defeat Bowser: Defeating Bowser is yet again the main mission of the game. On the other side of his defeat will be Princess Peach waiting to be whisked away.
  • Collect Stars: Just as in previous versions of a Mario game, collecting stars throughout the galaxy will open up new levels and access to new adventures. Enjoy the  journey as you slide, glide and collide with characters in this fantasy world.
  • Maneuver Through Worlds: Whether you're ice skating through one world or swimming through the other, you will have the task of making the right moves to make it to the end.

The Play

Super Mario Galaxy can be enjoyed by a host of game players. It doesn't matter what skill level you are, this family friendly game can be enjoyed by all.

  • One Player: Playing the Mario game as a solo player will be a great journey. Continue to master the moves and maneuver through the worlds to collect enough coins to advance to the different worlds.
  • Two Player: You can tag team with a friend to get through the worlds that will get you closer to your goal of rescuing the Princess. Get your Wii Nunchuk and grab a friend to conquer the Super Mario world.
  • Luigi Player: For a more advanced version of Super Mario Galaxy, open up access to Luigi by collecting enough stars and advancing through levels.

The Moves

Mario can put on some serious moves to get to where he is going throughout the game. When you have mastered these moves, you will be able to defy gravity and fly, glide, skate and swim around the galaxies.

  • Power-up: This famous transformation move gives Mario and characters the ability to have super powers to make it through certain areas of the game. This new version of Super Mario is no different.
  • Triple Jump: This move has been a part of the Mario toolbox for over 20 years. Put in the right circumstances, this move can come in handy at difficult spots.
  • Mario Pounds: This stomping move gives you the ability to make multiple moves in the air. More advanced player are able to jump to farther distances. Grab the Wii Remote and start practicing the moves that will get you around the galaxy in no time.

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