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Protect Your Console With a Nintendo Switch Case

With portability being one of its outstanding features, there is a growing market for Nintendo Switch cases. As such, you will find a wide selection to choose from when searching for a Nintendo Switch travel case on eBay.

The benefits of a Nintendo Switch carry case

Having a Nintendo Switch storage case significantly boosts the system's portability. This is particularly important for gamers who have expanded their system with multiple accessories such as a dock, Mario kart wheels, joy-con base controllers, and an external battery pack. Nintendo Switch cases are better than generic travel bags since they are specially made for your console and accessories. They offer better protection and have a plush interior that protects your console from scratches and bumps.

Does a Nintendo Switch case cater for your accessories?

You can get a larger Nintendo Switch bag that can hold all your accessories if your system includes a lot of components. You don't have to go for a plain case either; you can get a Pokemon Nintendo Switch case decorated with your favourite Pokemon. Other premium Nintendo switch bags have additional features and functionality. A Nintendo Switch game case and protection kit come with a screen protector and specialised cleaning cloths. Other premium models can also serve as a power bank, enabling you to enjoy your Switch while in transit.

Things to consider when choosing a Nintendo Switch case

The three main factors when choosing a case for your Nintendo Switch are:

  • Accessories: The number of accessories you have determines the suitable size for your Nintendo Switch bag. Find a bag with specialised compartments for each accessory that you have.
  • Protection: If you expect your case to regularly get bumped around, then you should opt for a more robust hard case for extra protection.
  • Budget: The good news is that there is a wide variety of options for each type of case ranging from more affordable options to premium models. With a higher budget, you can get cases with extra functionality and attractive design features.
What types of Nintendo Switch cases are available?

The 'simpler' Nintendo Switch case options on eBay have smaller, more compact designs that can fit your console, a couple of joy-con controllers, the charging cable, and up to five games. If you travel a lot, you can choose a Nintendo Switch hard case with a stronger exterior that offers additional protection. For further protection, there is a premium Nintendo Switch armour case that is shock-proof.

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