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Buying a Nintendo Switch Console

The Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo’s more recent gaming innovations. Nintendo has always been known for their gaming consoles, especially for their portable consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii, The Gameboy line, and Nintendo GameCube. The Nintendo Switch is no exception. It is a small, hand-held device, similar in ways to the Game Boy although a bit larger. With its mix of how it can be used and super fun and addictive games, it has become popular among hand-held gaming enthusiasts and even among more traditional console lovers.

Why Is the Nintendo Switch Such a Popular Console?

What makes the Nintendo Switch so impressive is that it can be stationary or portable. In a world where you can download video games on your smartphone or tablet, Nintendo is doing an amazing job at keeping up with the current trend! There are many different things that make the Switch such a popular console among gamers, including:

  • Portability and flexibility - With incredibly versatile gameplay and portability, this console has taken the gaming world by storm. Perfect for commutes or for travelling, the Nintendo Switch lets gamers take their current progress from their saved console games with them. It can also be used as a TV-based console. Its flexibility to be used as both a portable gaming device and a home console is part of the Nintendo Switch’s legendary allure.
  • TV connectivity - Unlike portable consoles of the past, including some of the earlier models of the Gameboy, the Switch can connect to a television or other monitor for big screen play. For many players, this is a major plus since they no longer need two separate devices.
  • Attractive gameplay - With additions like the neon Joy-Con controllers and the ability to add on memory cards, this device has a lot going for it. The controller can attach to the main device for mobile play or you can connect it to a television to use it as a separate Joy-Con.

Popular Games for Nintendo Switch

Every console has it niche list of games that you can only find for that console. Nintendo Switch has some of the most popular and well-known games. Below are just a few of the popular titles you can find for Nintendo Switch:

  • Super Mario Maker
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Kill la Kill: IF
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of The Duelist
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
  • NBA 2K20
  • Contra: Rogue Corps
  • Neo Cab
  • Overwatch
  • Little Hero Town
  • Ring Fit Adventures
  • Vampyr
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3
  • Ashen
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Connection

What Is a Joy-Con?

The Joy-Con is name of the main controller of the Switch console. As noted above, the Joy-Con controller can either attach to the device or work as a separate unit. The use of bright neon colors makes the Joy-Con a super fun and eye catching experience.

What Sort of Accessories Should I Get for My Switch?

There are a wide range of accessories available to you if you want to upgrade your console. These include:

  • Memory cards (micro SD) – A micro SD memory card allows players to back up their gameplay, to transfer saved files between devices, and even to take and save photos and videos.
  • Neon-colored Joy-Cons – Joy-Con controllers make your gameplay colorful, fun, and even more exciting than usual! The Joy-Con comes in a range of colors, meaning that you can choose the perfect one for your needs.
  • Exciting popular game choices - Obviously, once you have the Nintendo Switch, you will need some games so that you can enjoy it. Popular games include classics like Zelda, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Odyssey. More recent titles include Pokemon Sword and Shield, Just Dance 2020, Mortal Kombat 11, and Tetris 99.

Switch Specifications

Need to know the actual specs of your new Nintendo Switch? Well, look no further. The Nintendo Switch has a:

  • 6.2-inch LCD display screen
  • Resolution of 1280x720 pixels, with 10-point multi-touch support
  • 32 GB of storage
  • 4 GB of memory
  • 25.6 GB/s memory bandwidth.
  • Uses 2.0/3.0 USB

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